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Top Reasons New Moms Should Wear Shapewear
Top Reasons New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

Top Reasons New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

For the past nine months, your body experienced substantial physical and emotional miraculous changes. Then, finally, you give birth after nine months and you notice your body does not bounce back right away. Sometimes we are unprepared for what will happen to our bodies after birth because your postpartum body is often untalked about. Your postpartum body will work hard to heal during the next six weeks after child birth.  You are not alone if you are unsure what is best to help your body heal. Let's discuss what  postpartum shapewear is and why you may need it as a new mom. 

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is your best friend during the first six weeks of postpartum after birth. Shapewear is often viewed in today's society as a garment used to slim and shape your abdomen and lower back. However, shapewear is not just used to slim your silhouette. In fact, postpartum shapewear has many benefits that may help you after birth. Postpartum shapewear provides the  support your body needs after birth.

Shapewear is a compression garment designed to support your weakened abdominal muscles and ligaments as they heal from birth. Shapewear is often made with nylon or spandex. Many garments are adjustable and offer different lengths to fit your torso height. 

What is the purpose of shapewear for new moms?

For nine months of pregnancy, your body goes through many changes physically to accommodate a growing baby. For example, some women's stomach muscles may weaken and may separate during pregnancy. Shapewear provides light compression to support your weakened muscles while they move back to their original place after pregnancy. In addition, because shapewear covers your abdomen, it allows for discrete nursing while in public. Finally, if you have a c-section, shapewear may help protect your incision and decrease swelling. 

Top reasons new moms should wear shapewear

  • Help prevent diastasis recti by providing light pressure to promote the movement of abdominal muscles back together. 
  • During pregnancy, your pelvic floor muscles weaken, become relaxed, and stretch. After pregnancy, postpartum shapewear supports those weakened muscles of the pelvic floor and abdomen and may help decrease the possibility of developing prolapses or hernias. 
  • Postpartum shapewear may help promote correct posture while your body and back heal. During pregnancy, it is common for the back to become out of alignment, causing your back and core to weaken. 
  • Postpartum shapewear provides compression to help reduce swelling and provide support throughout the day so you may resume your activities to take care of your baby without feeling weak. 
  • Postpartum shapewear allows for a seamless silhouette to help you feel your best while you adjust to your pre-pregnancy size. 
  • Check with your insurance. Some insurances may cover postpartum shapewear. 

Best shapewear products for new moms

Mother Tucker® Postpartum Compression Leggings

The Mother Tucker Postpartum compression leggings utilize Belly Bandits world famous compression technology. The compression technology provides just the right amount of compression and coverage to keep you feeling secure throughout the day. The targeted compression zones offer a smoothing shape to the tummy, tush, and thighs. In addition, the ultra-high waistband allows for discreet nursing without exposing your midsection while in public. These leggings are a perfect addition to your hospital bag. Leave the hospital feeling confident and secure with these leggings. 

Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap

The Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap offers six support body contouring panels for core and back support. In addition, the belly wrap is designed with two different height sizes for a customized fit. Finally, there are two layers of fabric for firm compression and stayput® technology; this wrap will stay in place throughout the day. For the new mom who wants a discrete fit, maximum coverage while nursing, and performance with comfort, this Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap has everything for postpartum shapewear. 


C-Section Recovery Shorts

Recovering from a c-section may be overwhelming, especially when you juggle a newborn while healing from major surgery. C- Section recovery shorts will provide targeted abdominal compression which may help reduce swelling and promote blood circulation. In addition, the silver-infused fibers in the shorts' front panel may help minimize odor and bacteria growth. Lastly, these shorts allow easy access when using the restroom with an opening at the crotch region. 

The B.F.F. Belly Wrap

The B.F.F. Belly wrap is your best friend during postpartum. This garment is designed to help boost your confidence after you give birth. Belly Bandit took age-old traditions of belly wrapping to create a modern postpartum belly binder loved by doctors and new moms all over the United States. 

The B.F.F. Belly Wrap uses Power Compression Core™ to provide targeted compression to your abdomen which may help reduce swelling and help support weakened core muscles after birth. This belly wrap is also great for c-section moms to offer comfort after surgery.

Closing thoughts 

Often when today's society mentions the word "shapewear," many assume it is a garment to slim your abdomen and boost your confidence. However, shapewear can do more than provide a slender appearance. Over a decade, Belly Bandit worked hard to design a one-of-a-kind shapewear line specifically for postpartum. Shapewear supports weakened muscles and relaxed ligaments as they heal from birth. In addition, shapewear may be the best-kept secret to decrease the risk of developing a hernia or diastasis recti. Be sure to check with your doctor before wearing postpartum shapewear to determine if it is right for you.