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Postpartum Belly Wraps & Belts

Postpartum Belly Wraps & Belts

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Top FAQs

Do postpartum belly bands really work?

For centuries, women around the world have practiced belly binding to promote healing and recovery after childbirth—it’s what inspired us to start Belly Bandit! The International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics has found that abdominal binders can be an effective, simple, non‐pharmacological option of relieving pain and distress after a C-section delivery, and our Belly Wraps are doctor-approved and backed by scientific research. That’s a long way of saying, yes, postpartum belly bands work! We’re also proud to be the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps and Corsets.

What do postpartum belly bands do?

The best postpartum belly bands provide targeted compression to slim your belly, waist, and hips after childbirth. They also provide much-needed support to help strengthen core muscles weakened by pregnancy and delivery, and promote mobility so you can get up and moving again. As a bonus, they can help improve your posture (great for breastfeeding mamas!) and provide support when you’re cleared to exercise again.

When should you start wearing a postpartum belly band?

For optimal results, we recommend wearing your Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap as soon as you comfortably can after childbirth. That means the timing for when to start wearing a postpartum belly wrap will depend on your unique situation, and we always recommend consulting with your physician beforehand.

How long do you wear a postpartum belly wrap?

We recommend wearing your postpartum belly wrap for 6-10 weeks, although some women prefer to wear it for a longer period of time. If you feel comfortable, you can wear your Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap day and night, removing it just to shower or bathe. You can also start slowly and wear it for a few hours each day until it becomes more comfortable to wear for longer periods.

How soon after birth can you wear a belly band?

Generally speaking, a postpartum belly band is safe to wear as soon as it's comfortable after childbirth. Your level of comfort will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of delivery you had, and we recommend consulting with your physician beforehand.

Will a postpartum belly wrap help reduce my tummy?

That’s exactly what it’s designed to do! The practice of belly binding works with the hormone relaxin in your body, which relaxes your muscles and ligaments in preparation for childbirth. After delivery, those loosened muscles can make it hard to regain your core strength, and you may feel unsupported and not quite as secure in your body as you felt before baby. A belly wrap offers compression and support to help your core engage and recover, regardless of whether you had a C-section or vaginal delivery.

Should I get a postpartum belly band?

We always want mamas to feel supported after giving birth, so in our opinion—yes! You can choose to order your postpartum belly wrap before you deliver, so it’s ready to go in your hospital bag, or you can wait until after you deliver to get the most accurate size.

When is it too late to wear a postpartum belly wrap?

For the best results, we suggest wearing your Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap for a minimum of 6-10 weeks after delivery. If you’re more than 11 weeks postpartum, we recommend trying our other compressive shapewear options, which can provide targeted, 360-degree compression and support as you continue your postpartum journey. Our Mother Tucker collection is a great place to start!

When can I start wearing a postpartum belt after c-section?

Your timing for when to start wearing a postpartum C-section belly band will depend on a few things, primarily your level of comfort and the recommendation of your physician. For extra gentle support over a C-section incision, we’ve found that the super-soft fabric of our Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap is a great choice. You can also try our Belly Shield for an extra level of protection between your incision and a postpartum belly wrap.

Can wearing a belly band postpartum help me lose weight?

A postpartum belly band is designed to help your body recover after delivery, and can help with back pain, weakened core muscles, and other issues, such as diastasis recti. It’s not intended as a weight loss tool.

Which postpartum belly wrap is best?

Deciding which postpartum belly wrap is best for you will depend on a couple factors, such as your height and body type; the degree of customization you want in the fit; and your budget, among others. Our Luxe Belly Wrap is best for moms who want it all—a discreet fit under clothing, maximum coverage, and targeted compression and support. It’s also our tallest and most breathable wrap, so it’s great for tall and long-waisted figures, warm climates, and wearing during exercise. Our Original and Viscose from Bamboo belly wraps are similar in design and height, with the latter covered in ultra-soft viscose from bamboo for extra comfort. (These two are also the most budget-friendly options!) Our B.F.F. Wrap is the shortest wrap (great for short-waisted and petite women), and offers a more customized fit compared to the Original and Viscose from Bamboo wraps.

Where can I buy a postpartum belly band?

You’ve come to the right place! Belly Bandit offers the best postpartum belly bands that work for a wide range of body types and budgets, all backed by smart technology, patented materials, and decades of testing, trying, and fine-tuning.

About Post Pregnancy Compression Products

Benefits of Belly Bandit Postpartum Belly Wraps & Belts

Our doctor-recommended Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps are designed to help slim and support your belly, waist, and hips after you give birth. We were inspired by the centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding and wanted to make this age-old practice easier and more accessible for today’s moms. The targeted compression provided by postpartum belly wraps has been shown to strengthen core muscles, promote mobility, and encourage better posture as your body recovers.

Features of Belly Bandit Postpartum Belly Wraps & Belts

Our collection of Belly Wraps offers a variety of different features designed to support every mama’s postpartum journey. Our selection of postpartum belly bands includes a range of heights, from the 8-inch B.F.F. Belly Wrap (designed for petite and short-waisted figures) to the 11-inch Luxe Belly Wrap (designed for tall and long-waisted frames). Each one offers 360-degree targeted compression to support your postpartum recovery. Depending on the wrap you choose, you can customize the fit to your liking by adjusting the unique tab closures.

Postpartum Belly Wraps, Binders & Belts