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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Shapewear
Tips to Help You Choose the Right Shapewear

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Shapewear

Finding out you're pregnant may be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. However, when you start looking at all the maternity products, it may feel overwhelming. Thankfully, with Belly Bandit, they take all the guesswork and stress from you. They provide you with Doctor recommended and tested products. WonderWeave technology offers you the utmost comfort while still utilizing the lotions and gels you apply without drying out. That means you can still care for your stretch marks or dry skin while still wearing comfortable clothing. Maternity shapewear will quickly become your best friend throughout pregnancy. 

What is maternity shapewear?

Maternity shapewear varies in style to tailor to your specific needs. They often cover the entire abdomen. In addition, some shapewear, such as the bodysuit, covers your thighs and tush. Shapewear leaves you with a seamless feel throughout your pregnancy and provides support and compression to help your growing belly. Maternity shapewear may improve postures and remove the weight from your hips and pelvic floor. It is never too early during pregnancy to start wearing maternity shapewear. However, many women find it most helpful during the second and third trimesters when their bump has increased significantly in size. 

Is it safe to wear shapewear during pregnancy?

Wearing shapewear designed for maternity is perfectly safe during pregnancy. When we think of shapewear, we often think of a corset that hides all your unwanted curves and loose skin. Usually, shapewear is tight enough to feel form-fitting but still able to breathe. 

Maternity shapewear breaks down those barriers to create shapewear that supports your growing belly while smoothing unwanted curves in your thighs, hips and back. 

Tips to help you choose the right shapewear for your body type

Find the right size 

Utilize the sizing guide listed on the website to ensure you get the size you need. 

Identify your target area

Everyone wants to achieve something different with their shapewear. With Belly Bandit, you have the freedom to choose your targeted area with confidence knowing you will receive the best product for you. 

Find a product that fits your lifestyle 

If you are active, consider maternity shapewear that you can wear while on the go such as leggings or shorts.

If you dress to impress for work, consider choosing shapewear that will support your belly.

Try to find breathable shapewear products to keep you cool

Where you live, you should take your climate into consideration when picking our the perfect maternity shapewear. If you live in a warm climate, consider getting a product with breathable fabric to keep you cool. 

Most common types of maternity shapewear products

Maternity Bump Support Leggings

Maternity leggings are designed specifically for a pregnant body. These leggings feature a built-in-ribbed panel of fabric to gently lift your belly to provide support and alleviate some strain caused by your belly getting heavier. 

The belly waist support band offers ribbed paneling with patented WonderWeave material. WonderWeave material keeps lotions and creams such as stretch mark cream on your body. The belly waist band can be worn above your belly for extra support or below your belly. Also, after you deliver, these leggings are perfect for providing belly coverage while nursing. There is no need to worry about strangers seeing your abdomen in public while nursing your baby. 

Bump Maternity Support Bodysuit

The first of its kind, this bodysuit provides essential support where you need it most. The 360-degree body support provides full back smoothing up to the bra line. It also helps prevent thigh chafing. This bodysuit also utilizes WonderWeave material, which helps keep lotions and creams on your body and not onto your clothes. This ensures you receive the maximum benefits of your lotions. This bustless bodysuit is designed for you to wear with your favorite maternity bra. The top of the garment should rest just under your bust. The straps may also be converted into a racer back as well. 

Perfect Maternity Nursing Tank

You may prefer the perfect maternity tank that can also be worn during nursing. This is the perfect two in one must have. This buttery soft fabric will keep you comfortable all day. This stretchy fabric features a relaxed silhouette and a hidden second layer for nursing. Simply lift up the first layer of your top to expose a slit on the side. The discrete opening will allow you to breastfeed with confidence and modesty. 

Thighs Disguise Maternity Support Shorts

Being comfortable while on the go is essential. Especially during pregnancy when you have added weight from your growing belly. This ultra thin material will keep you comfortable during those summer nights without the worry of panty lines. The Maternity Support Shorts smooth your tummy, thighs and tush while lifting up your belly. 

The Belly Boost Pregnancy Support Belly wrap

The Belly Boost Pregnancy Support Belly wrap features a patented compressive rib material for under the belly support. The belly wrap is the perfect shapewear to wear for all seasons with its breathable fabric. Built in with the WonderWeave technology to ensure all the lotions and creams you put on your body stay put and never dry out. Many women find wearing a Belly Support band during pregnancy is discreet enough to wear under any wardrobe choice for any season.  In a nutshell, this belly wrap offers 360-degree compression, is budget friendly and can grow with you as your belly grows during pregnancy. 

When to start shopping for shapewear products 

This is a question many women ponder upon when they find out they are pregnant. Is it too early to shop for maternity shapewear? The answer is, every woman's body is different and unique. Some women require support in the first trimester, while others wait until 13 weeks to start shopping for maternity shapewear. The good news is, whenever you decide the time is right, it is never too early to start wearing shapewear products. Belly Bandit Maternity shapewear is designed to grow with you as your belly grows. 

Is it OK to wear shapewear postpartum?

The benefits are endless when we look at wearing shapewear during postpartum. For 9 months our rib cages expand and our abdomen moves to allow for the growing uterus. Shapewear has been shown to help women with healing from birth by offering even compression throughout the abdomen. This helps decrease the possibility of developing Diastasis Recti and reduces swelling to promote healing. Many women find it useful to wear shapewear during postpartum for at least 6 weeks. However, there is a benefit of wearing shapewear longer than six weeks, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. 

Where to find maternity shapewear online

Belly Bandit was created for women by women. Motherhood is a journey and Belly Bandit wants to be there every step of the way. They offer products from pregnancy, to postpartum, and nursing. All of their maternity wear has been tested and Doctor approved. They want to ensure that you receive the ultimate support, comfort and ease of use. Finding the right maternity shapewear may seem overwhelming, but with some help, you will be comfortable throughout your pregnancy.