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Postpartum Tops

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Top FAQs

What are the best tops to wear postpartum?

When it comes to your outfits postpartum, it can tricky. You want to feel put together, like yourself, but also have easy access to nurse. The best tops to wear postpartum are loose-fitting, comfortable cotton V-neck or U-neck T-shirts daily while on maternity leave. Nursing-specific tops that have a discreet opening for nursing are also very convenient and practical when you're out running errands and you need to nurse. Many women like the double shirt method, which is wearing a nursing tank under a button up, or flowy blouse, so that if you lift up your top shirt, you have coverage and easy access to nurse with the tank underneath. This allows you to stretch your outfit options a bit.

Are Belly Bandit postpartum tops moisture wicking?

The Leakproof Nursing Tank is moisture wicking, and makes a great base layer, or can easily be worn on its own.

What are the benefits of postpartum tops for new moms?

The benefit of postpartum-specific tops for new moms is that they are designed with your stage of life in mind. Instead of trying to make your old wardrobe work for your new life, nursing tops are completely tailored to the lifestyle of a nursing or pumping mama. From super soft, washable fabrics, to innovative access, postpartum tops allow new moms to feel confident, whether they are at home or on the go.

How comfortable are the Belly Bandit postpartum nursing tops?

Belly Bandit postpartum nursing tops are designed with comfort in mind. The fabrics are all super soft and gentle on the skin, perfect for recovery and holding babies close. The silhouettes options are both loose and supportive, depending on your needs.

What are some care tips for Belly Bandit postpartum tops?

Machine wash or hand wash in cold water with like colors, using gentle detergents. Do not use hot water, harsh detergents, softeners, or bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry, and avoid dry cleaning and ironing.

Postpartum Tops

Postpartum Shirts & Tops