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Postpartum Bras

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What is the best bra for after giving birth?

During the day a comfortable wire-free, seam-free and supportive nursing bra is the best option right after birth. You can start wearing this type of bra during pregnancy when you outgrow your regular bras. When you begin nursing in the hospital, make sure you have a bra with full drop cups that will allow you to breastfeed your baby easily and discreetly. The Belly Bandit ​​Bandita Maternity Nursing Bra, B.D.A.™ Bra For Maternity Support & Nursing, and Leakproof Nursing Bra are all great options to bring in your hospital, depending on the style and level of support you’re looking for. Many women like to buy a few different styles to have on hand to see what feels comfortable at different stages of nursing, or times of day.

Should I wear a bra postpartum?

You should do what feels most comfortable for you. Some women have tender nipples and don't want anything touching them, while others find themselves preferring more support. After your baby is born, your hormones will cause your breasts to start making milk. When your baby nurses , these hormones are stimulated to make more milk, and to continue to make milk as long as your baby needs it. During this time, you might want a good support bra.

How do I know which size bra I need after giving birth?

An easy way to buy the right size is to take your pregnancy bra size, add 1 cup size and subtract 1 back size. So if you are wearing a 34D near the end of your pregnancy, you should try a 32DD for nursing. These should feel comfortably secure on the loosest setting so that you can adjust the fit as your body settles back to normal.

Should I wear a bra while breastfeeding?

It's totally up to you and your comfort. If you usually go braless, you might not need to wear one during breastfeeding. In the first few weeks many women love their robes for easy access since newborns breastfeed so often. Though many moms often have concerns about leaking a lot at night, this may be a reason why wearing a bra at night might be helpful. Wearing nursing pads in a nursing bra can help keep your clothes and bedding dry overnight.

When should I buy a bra after giving birth?

It’s probably a good idea to purchase a few nursing bras before giving birth. Many pregnant women start wearing a nursing bra during the pregnancy since they typically need to size up anyway. It’s a good opportunity to find the bras you like and feel comfortable in. Many women also like packing one or two in their hospital bag if they plan on breastfeeding after birth.

Postpartum Bras

Best Postpartum Bras