Belly Bandit®

S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow

Belly Bandit®

S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow

When to Wear

Our doctor-designed, patent-pending pregnancy pillow is your ultimate sleep solution. No more worrying about waking up on your back, the “S.O.S.” Sleep Solution keeps you securely in place, on your side, to allow for optimal blood flow and oxygen to your baby. The “S.O.S.” is easy-to-use, grows with you throughout your pregnancy and puts your mind at ease so you can get your Zzz’s!

Why You'll Love It
  • Keeps you on your side to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen to your baby 
  • Comfortable, functional and portable 
  • Ob/Gyn developed
  • Supports your back and belly while you sleep
  • Takes the worry out of sleeping in your 2nd & 3rd trimester
Details Matter
  • 3-piece set includes belt, back support and pregnancy wedge pillows
  • Velcro tabs securely connect pillows to the belt to create a stable sleeping position 
  • Ergonomically correct “no-rollover” foam  
  • Helps avoid potentially dangerous “back” sleeping 
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate any size or stage 
  • Machine washable cases 
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Comes in an easy travel case so you can get the support you need, anytime, anywhere
How To Wear
  1. 1. PREP IT: Lay band flat with black side facing up. 
  2. 2. ATTACH IT: Securely attach belly pillow to the right end. 
  3. 3. ADJUST IT:  Lay it flat on bed with attached pillows to create a safe sleep zone.
Specifications & Care


  • 62% polyester 
  • 33% rayon
  • 5% spandex


  • 100% polyurethane
  • Remove cover from foam and hand wash cold
  • Lat flat to dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Replace after washing
  • Do not wash inner pillows

Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps now eligible for reimbursement from a number of US health insurance companies. Read more about insurance reimbursement and download the claim form.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lifesaver especially third trimester

This has been literally a lifesaver the last few weeks. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and everything I thought was great (full body pillows, mounds of pillows you name it ... was not so great. Nothing worked) This was gifted to me I didn’t use it right away because my cat seemed to think it was a pillow for her and that got annoying so I hid it.

I pulled it back out and that night I had the best sleep ever. The wedge support under my stomach was perfect. There is no pillow position that I could have done to get the right amount of cushion underneath. My stomach is just so heavy now that without proper positioning under your stomach in a side lay you will dread sleep. I would recommend to any mom. And my husband is pleased that I don’t have to take up the whole bed at night. I love that I can put it in the plastic case and leave it right under my bed in arms reach or sometimes I just tuck it behind my bedroom pillows (to hide from the cat lol) trust me when I say that full size body pillow won’t save you in the third trimester, I learned.

S.O.S. The Hype is Real!

I lucked out as a member of the #MomSquad and got to test out the S.O.S. sleep on side system pillow early! I didn't realize how much I'd need it coming into my third month of pregnancy, I was going through some terrible sleep interruptions that were making my already draining days feel even more drained and longer.

Once I started using these pillows, I was able to stay on my side and almost sleep through the entire night just about every night. (Some nights my 3 year old wakes up from nightmares, so you know - it doesn't stop that from happening).

Thanks, S.O.S.!
And a special thanks to @BellyBandit for letting me finally get some well-deserved sleep!