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Why Should You Wear a Belly Band During Pregnancy?
Why Should You Wear a Belly Band During Pregnancy?

Why Should You Wear a Belly Band During Pregnancy?

Are you pregnant and curious about wearing a belly band? Is it safe? Are they actually supportive? Yes, and yes. A pregnancy belly band can be beneficial for you and your body during and after pregnancy. However, it’s important to note that if you plan to wear a pregnancy belly band, be sure to buy one that’s intended for pregnancy. 

So, why should you wear a belly band? In short, they can provide pain relief and support without medication or extra work. Let’s dive into the benefits:

What is a belly band?

Belly bands are typically worn around the waist to provide compression while supporting the hips and low back. Belly bands are frequently worn postpartum as women try to aid their body during recovery, but they can be worn during pregnancy too. Most women start wearing belly bands around 20 weeks, but you can start wearing one whenever you feel necessary. 

Whether a belly band is worn during or after pregnancy, it’s intended to provide support. For postpartum and pregnancy use, belly bands can ease pain, encourage movement, and provide support to your lower back and organs. 

Studies have proven that belly bands can ease postpartum pain, especially after a C-section.  It’s no surprise that your body may not feel so hot after having a baby. It’s okay though––embrace the time of transition. Your body can do amazing things. In addition to the functional benefits of a belly band, it can also help you feel more put together and confident in your postpartum body. If you are trying to get your jeans buttoned, and it’s just not happening, try wearing the belly band to cover skin below unbuttoned or unzipped pants. As a new mom, your party tricks will start to look a bit different. 

What does a belly band do during pregnancy?

Belly bands can offer comfort and support among other benefits during pregnancy, including:

  • Mild compression
  • Lower back and hip support
  • Improve balance
  • Alleviate body stress to prevent pre-term contractions
  • Help lift and support the weight of the belly

Are belly bands safe during pregnancy?

Belly bands are safe during pregnancy and, for active moms, they should be worn in most cases! During the second and third trimesters, belly bands can be especially beneficial. Expecting mothers should use a belly band that’s designed for pregnancy to maximize benefits and comfort. Belly Bandit products are made by women, for women, and they specialize in solution-based maternity and postpartum support products. 

Top reasons to wear a pregnancy belly band

  • Pain relief. Let’s face it, pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Belly bands can alleviate pain and help you get on with everyday activities. They can also help reduce SI joint pain. SI joint pain is the result of an increase of relaxin during pregnancy. It can cause the hip joints to loosen and become less stable. Another symptom that can occur during the second trimester is round ligament pain. Belly bands can help distribute the weight of the baby, thus reducing pressure on round ligaments. 
  • Compression. You can think of an unsupported belly bump like breasts with no bra support. Imagine going for a run braless. Sounds uncomfortable, right? Belly bands can offer gentle compression which can help make physical activity more comfortable. Just make sure there’s the right amount of compression as too much compression can have negative effects.
  • Comfort. Belly bands can decrease discomfort which can allow you to carry on with daily activities and exercise. Exercise and movement can be positive for pregnancy as it decreases hypertension, depression, and diabetes. 
  • Improve posture. Belly bands can promote good body posture which is important at all times, but especially during pregnancy. With extra support for your low back and torso, belly bands correct posture and prevent overextension of the lower back. 

Tips for choosing a belly band 

When it comes to choosing a belly band, there are plenty of options on the market. While belly bands may all appear to deliver the same benefits and comfort, quality and design can vary significantly. It’s best to stick with doctor-recommended and FDA Registered Medical Device brands such as Belly Bandit, and there’s really no reason not to with an affordable price tag and easy access. Here are a few tips to shop for when choosing a belly band:

  • Comfort. Comfort is key when it comes to belly bands. Make sure the belly band you choose is made with high quality materials.
  • Stays in place. Belly bands that don’t fit right can be uncomfortable and annoying. Pick a belly band that is designed to stay in place. Belly Bandit wraps and bands feature Stayput Technology to help keep the wrap in place. 
  • Adjustable. Whether you’re wearing the belly band during or after pregnancy, your body will go through plenty of changes. It’s important to have a belly band that can adjust  to your body. 

Best Belly Bands for Pregnancy

While we may be biased, there’s plenty of proof behind the bias. Belly Bandit is the number one brand for maternity and postpartum support products. Afterall, it’s our expertise. Belly Bandit is the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps and Corsets. Three of our best-selling belly bands for pregnancy are as follows. 

  • 2-in-1 Hip Bandit™ A Maternity Belly Support Band & Hip Wrap. The 2-in-1 Hip Bandit is designed for during and after pregnancy support. It’s much thinner than a traditional belly wrap but still provides plenty of support. During pregnancy it can help support your growing belly, alleviate pelvic pain, reduce the strain of back muscles, and increase postural stability. With the ability to wear this wrap three ways, it’s useful before and after pregnancy. 
  • V-Sling Pelvic Support Band. The V-Sling is a fan favorite, back by popular demand with limited supply. Designed for pelvic pain during pregnancy, this doctor-recommended maternity sling is a must-have for moms suffering from pelvic pain. Made from high quality nylon and neoprene materials, our comfortable, flexible, and lightweight can be worn day or night for relief and support. 

Shop Belly Bandit

For pregnant and postpartum women, shop Belly Bandit for solution-based maternity and postpartum support products. Designed by a team of women that understand what you’re going through, from functionality to comfort our products are truly designed for you. Our collection of proprietary fabrics is truly what sets us apart. 

  • WonderWeave: Our WonderWeave products feature an innovative material that keeps lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin. 
  • Power Compress Core: Perhaps our biggest secret, our Power Compress Core Technology is what gives our belly wraps a stretchy, yet compressive “hug” around your postpartum belly. This is what helps get your muscles back together while supporting your recovery.
  • Muffinology: Our Muffinology Technology is not just for postpartum women. This “tech” is built into our Mother tucker line of shapewear products. It provides varying levels of compression in a lightweight and breathable fabric.

Now that you understand the benefits of wearing a belly band during pregnancy, shop Belly Bandit. 

Get the support your body needs. . . shop Belly Bandit maternity and postpartum shapewear!