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Postpartum Clothing Must-Haves for New Moms
Postpartum Clothing Must-Haves for New Moms

Postpartum Clothing Must-Haves for New Moms

So, you’ve navigated pregnancy with a wardrobe that may not have been perfect, but it worked. Now, you’re at the part no one prepared you for - postpartum. Your body has just delivered a beautiful baby, but it needs some time to recover. While recovering you’re also trying to care for your newborn. So, what is the best postpartum clothing for new moms? Read on to find out.

What clothes should you wear Postpartum?

Postpartum clothing should be comfortable and practical. Beyond that, certain clothing can help promote healing too. With your body still in flux, you may be struggling to find clothes that work. But trust us when we say there is postpartum clothing that can get you through this time, and be used after too. Your body is going through enough changes and stress, what you’re going to wear should be the last thing on your mind. By preparing ahead of time or ordering the postpartum must-haves below, you can spend more time recovering and caring for your newborn. Let’s take a look at the best postpartum clothing must-haves for new moms. 

Best postpartum clothing must-have for new moms

The right nursing bra 

From leaks to support to easy access - your postpartum nursing bra needs to be versatile. Afterall, it has a lot of jobs to do. Even if you find the right nursing bra, it may not be able to do it all. Accessories like leakproof nursing pads and hot and cold breast therapy gel packs are must-haves too. With preferences varying from mom to mom, Belly Bandit offers a variety of best-selling nursing bras. Our lineup features the B.D.A. Bra for Maternity Support and Nursing, Bandita Maternity Nursing Bra, and ActiveSupport Nursing Bra. Our bras will keep your liquid gold covered, supported, and comfortable all day and all night. Bra-mance yourself with our best-selling B.D.A. Bra For Maternity Support and Nursing. Designed for before, during, and after pregnancy, this bra is perfect for pregnant or nursing moms. Featuring a seamless and wireless design and stretch and recovery fabric, this bra can change with your body on a day-to-day basis. With no clasps, snaps, or buttons and a wide bottom band to ensure a secure fit, you can slip this bra on with ease and wear it with confidence. To view Belly Bandits full collection of nursing bras and accessories, click here

Comfortable tops

Comfortable tops will be your go-to during postpartum. Clothes that allow you to feel good, look good, and nurse like a champion will be essential. Belly Bandit features the Perfect Nursing Long Sleeve and Perfect Nursing Tee both which feature a hidden layer that allows for easy and discreet nursing access. With a hidden second layer, you can keep yourself covered while nursing your baby - one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Not to mention it’s buttery soft fabric and relaxed fit that’ll keep you comfortable all day long. For more support try our Perfect Nursing Tank. Tanks can be worn alone or paired with an athletic jacket, blazer, or sweater taking you from nursing or pumping to a business meeting. To view Belly Bandits full collection or nursing tops, click here. 

Maternity leggings

Pregnant or postpartum, - leggings are a must-have. Postpartum moms though may need a bit more support. Belly Bandits line of postpartum and maternity leggings offer the support and comfort you need. From maternity shorts and leggings to postpartum shorts and leggings, we’ve got you covered. Our best-selling leggings are the Mother Tucker Capri Leggings, a must-have for all moms. Featuring our famous compression technology, these bad boys keep your tummy tucked and covered. Shop our entire collection of maternity leggings here

Postpartum Belly Wrap

A postpartum belly wrap can slim and support your belly, waist, and hips post delivery. They can provide a little extra support for your body after delivery. Belly Bandits premiere FDA registered Postpartum Belly Wrap is doctor-recommended and a must-have for new moms. You can start wearing a belly wrap as soon as it’s comfortable and of course we always say you should check with your doctor. We recommend that you wear the Belly Bandit for a minimum of 6-10 weeks. 

Maternity compression socks

During pregnancy you may experience swelling and leg pain that can cause great discomfort. Luckily, maternity compression socks can alleviate the symptoms and reduce swelling. While not all new moms will experience swelling, if you do, you’ll want to try our compression socks. 

Closing thoughts

Postpartum struggles are real. From finding the right attire to accepting your new daily routine, to caring for your newborn, postpartum is a testing time. Just remember, you are right where you need to be. Take care of your body. Take care of your baby. And remember to enjoy the journey. Your body will bounce back as long as you care for it. Wearing comfortable and supportive clothing that can help the healing process will help you get through this trying time. For all of your pregnancy and postpartum clothing needs, you can count on Belly Bandit. When you deliver, we do too. 

Discover postpartum clothing for all your needs at Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit features a full line-up of postpartum clothing from compression socks to compression leggings and shorts to nursing shirts. We’ve all dreamed of a time in our life when a t-shirt and leggings would be our everyday attire. Postpartum ladies, the time has arrived. Stock up and live your best postpartum life. Investing in clothing designed for postpartum can make your life easier while giving your body the extra support it needs to return to its new normal. 

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