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Top FAQs

When should you buy maternity bras?

Most women purchase maternity intimate apparel in the 2nd trimester. During this period, your cup size begins to grow, and your rib cage will start to expand.

Difference between maternity and nursing bras

The main difference is that a maternity bra is worn during pregnancy to support your breasts as they grow and provide comfort both day and night. A nursing bra is worn once you're ready to begin breastfeeding for easy access. Of course, it's not a hard and fast rule. In fact, many women wear nursing bras during their pregnancy – it's a matter of preference and comfort!

What's the best bra to wear while pregnant?

The best bra to wear while pregnant is a comfortable one! You'll also want one that provides the support you need and that grows-with-you throughout your pregnancy.

Types of Underwear for Before & After Pregnancy

Maternity and postpartum underwear come in a variety of styles. Our Proof® intimates are designed for use before, during, and after pregnancy. They are ultra-absorbent, odor-resistant, and breathable. Post-pregnancy many moms use compression underwear such as our C-section and Recovery Undies and Postpartum Sculpting Girdle. These products provide comfort and compression to help ease recovery as well as easy-access gussets for when you gotta go!

When should you start wearing maternity underwear?

We'd recommend wearing maternity underwear immediately postpartum. Our Proof® Postpartum Leakproof Undies are great for heavy postpartum bleeding, bladder leaks, odor reduction, and maximum overnight protection.

About Intimates

Benefits of Belly Bandit Maternity Intimate Apparel

Belly Bandit makes a wide variety of maternity intimates. All of our maternity bras are designed to accommodate your changing breast size and can be worn during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. Our maternity underwear is leak-resistant to keep you comfortable and dry. Finally, our maternity tights are designed with graduated medical-grade compression to energize your legs, improve circulation, and help prevent varicose veins.

Features of Belly Bandit Maternity Intimate Wear

Our maternity intimate wear is designed to be both supportive and comfortable. Our Proof® underwear line is leakproof to keep you confident and comfy. It's also great for odor reduction. Our C-section intimates feature silver-infused yarns to help minimize odor and bacteria.

Maternity & Postpartum Intimate Apparel