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Shapewear Belly Wraps

Shapewear Belly Wraps

Top FAQs

How does belly band shapewear work?

Body wrap shapewear slims and supports your stomach, waist, and hips through targeted compression technology. This compression makes it easier to move around after having a baby, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

Do Belly wraps help lose belly fat?

Belly Bandit’s body wrap shapewear is not designed to help you lose belly fat. However, by supporting your muscles during postpartum recovery, belly wraps can help prepare your body for jumping back into an exercise routine.

Why do I need a shaping belly wrap?

Giving birth is a major event that requires significant recovery time. For six to 10 weeks after delivery, your uterus is contracting, your pelvic floor is vulnerable, muscles are weak, organs are shifting back into place, and you may even suffer from diastasis recti. Body wrap shapewear can help support all of these issues, and is a doctor-recommended tool during this challenging period of physical recovery.

Will a Belly Band help my tummy look slimmer?

A belly wrap can help provide gentle compression after childbirth, which can make your tummy look slightly slimmer. We recommend our body wrap shapewear like the Luxe Belly Wrap and the B.F.F. Belly Wrap. Belly Bandit’s Mother TuckerⓇ line of shapewear is also great for tummy slimming.

How do I know which size belly band I need?

Our sizing estimator makes it a cinch to find your perfect size belly wrap. Simply measure around the largest part of your belly, and choose the size within your range using the chart on our website. If your body wrap shapewear is an inch or two shy of closing at first, try again in a few days, or try fastening it while lying down. You may also want to purchase a Belly Wrap extender to ensure a successful fit.

If your belly wrap has a lot of give or doesn’t have much additional length of the velcro closure available, the band is too big and won’t provide the support you need.

Which shapewear belly band is the best?

Our Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap is our most advanced body wrap shapewear yet, made with Stayput™ technology and SecureStretch™ fabric and developed over 10 years. But all our wraps offer unparalleled support and compression, and we’re proud to be the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps & Corsets.

Can I wear a belly band if I am not pregnant?

If you’re not newly postpartum, you likely don’t need a body shapewear wrap. Instead, you’ll get the best results from our Mother Tucker® line of shapewear, which includes compression support leggings, biker shorts, smoothing shorts, and nursing tank tops.

Will a belly band help me lose weight?

Our belly wraps are not intended as a weight loss tool, but can help support and strengthen your muscles as you get ready for regular exercise again.

About Shapewear Belly Wraps

Features of Belly Bandit Shapewear Belly Wraps

For over a decade, our shapewear belly wraps have helped thousands of moms look and feel their best after giving birth. With varying heights and styles to choose from; patented technologies; breathable, technical fabrics; and 360-degree compression, Belly Bandit’s collection of body wrap shapewear is an amazing tool for postpartum recovery.

Benefits of Belly Bandit Shapewear Belly Wraps

At Belly Bandit, we’re passionate about the many benefits of postpartum body wrap shapewear. Inspired by women around the world who use the traditional techniques of belly wrapping, we have developed several wraps designed for optimal comfort and recovery.

Belly Bandit’s doctor-recommended belly wraps promote mobility, improve posture, and support your core muscles that have been weakened during pregnancy.

Shapewear Body Wraps

Postpartum Shapewear Belly Wraps