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Shapewear Leggings

Shapewear Leggings

Top FAQs

What are the best tummy control shaping leggings?

The best tummy and body shaping leggings are high-waisted, made to last, and provide comfortable compression. Our Mother Tucker® Postpartum Compression Support Leggings are perfect for the job.

Will Belly Bandit leggings make my legs look slimmer?

Belly Bandit’s shapewear leggings make your legs look—and feel—amazing. By providing compression support throughout the entire garment, our body shaping leggings make your legs look slimmer and smoother.

Does Belly Bandit offer plus size shapewear leggings?

Currently, Belly Bandit offers plus size shapewear leggings up to XL in six must-have styles, like the Ciré Smoothing Leggings.

Why do I need tummy control leggings?

After having a baby, it’s important to provide your core muscles with lots of support. Belly Bandit’s body shaping leggings provide compression to your tummy, as well as your legs, which can help with blood flow and energy levels.

When can I wear tummy control shapewear leggings?

Maternity shapewear leggings like our Bump Support™ capris are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy to support your growing belly. Postpartum shapewear leggings can be worn as soon as you feel comfortable—whether that’s on your way home from the hospital, or a few weeks after giving birth. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns about shapewear leggings during or after pregnancy.

How do I know which size shaping leggings I need?

If you’re buying body shaping leggings during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to buy one size up. If you’re shopping after baby arrives, you can buy shapewear leggings true-to-size.

Which shapewear leggings are the best?

All of our Mother Tucker® postpartum shapewear leggings are designed with moms in mind, and help you feel confident and secure. Our Moto Style Postpartum Compression Leggings feature a double enforced ribbed waistband for the best tummy control.

Does Belly Bandit offer high waisted slimming, shapewear leggings?

Yes! All of Belly Bandit’s shapewear leggings are high waisted for extra belly support, and are slimming through the tush, tummy, and thighs. Our compression technology helps you feel smooth and secure all day long.

Will Belly Bandit leggings help lift up my butt?

Belly Bandit’s body shaping leggings give your butt a non-surgical lift with our state-of-the-art Muffinology® Technology. The higher the compression level, the more supported your bum will feel.

Can Belly Bandit leggings only be worn during pregnancy?

Depending on the style and your specific needs, select Belly Bandit leggings styles can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. Our Maternity Bump Support™ leggings and our B.D.A. Maternity Leggings™ can double as postpartum leggings. Our Mother Tucker® collection is designed for postpartum wear and provide great tummy coverage while nursing.

About Shapewear Leggings

Features of Belly Bandit Shapewear Leggings

Belly Bandit’s shapewear leggings feature targeted compression technology that smooths and supports your tummy, bum, and thighs. Our shapewear leggings are perfect for postpartum support, and pregnant belly support.

Benefits of Belly Bandit Shapewear Leggings

Belly Bandit shapewear leggings like the Mother Tucker® Capris Leggings provide much-needed support for your postpartum body. Our Muffinology® technology smooths your midsection and keeps you feeling tucked in and secure.

Best Shapewear Leggings