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Top FAQs

What is the purpose of a maternity bodysuit?

Our maternity bodysuit is designed to give you the lift and support you need as your belly grows during pregnancy. Plus, it can help prevent thigh chafing—key for staying comfortable in hot weather!

How does a maternity bodysuit work?

A pregnancy support bodysuit provides vertical support, lifting your belly from underneath to reduce some of the strain on the rest of your body. Our Bump Support Bodysuit has extra-wide straps that you can easily adjust to modify the support.

What is the best shapewear bodysuit?

We’re partial to our Bump Support Maternity Bodysuit because it keeps you comfortable throughout all the stages of your pregnancy. The grow-with-you material stretches to accommodate a growing belly, while the open-bust design means it can be worn with any bra. And if you’re already experiencing some thigh chafing, you’ll love the built-in shorts aspect!

Does a bodysuit help flatten your stomach?

Nope! The best pregnancy bodysuits are designed to lift and support your expanding belly, not flatten it.

Is it OK to wear a bodysuit everyday?

You can definitely wear our Bump Support Maternity Bodysuit daily, if you choose to! The comfortable fabric, adjustable straps, and smoothing power make it a great choice to wear under your everyday outfits.

Can I wear a bodysuit postpartum?

It’s fine to wear a maternity bodysuit after you deliver your baby, especially in the immediate postpartum period when you’re starting to recover and might need the extra support.

How to choose the right size of maternity bodysuit

In terms of sizing for a pregnancy bodysuit, we suggest ordering one size larger than you would have worn pre-pregnancy so you can use it throughout your entire pregnancy.

What is a maternity tank top used for?

Our maternity tank tops are made to wear alone or under your everyday tops if you want extra coverage or support. The best maternity tank tops can stretch to fit your growing belly, then return to their original shape so you can keep wearing them after your baby comes—a great benefit for moms on a budget!

How do you wear a maternity tank top?

You can wear our maternity tank tops on their own, or under other tops and dresses for extra support and coverage. Some moms-to-be find that our B.D.A.™ Maternity Tank Top provides enough support that they can skip wearing a bra underneath, but we always suggest trying your tank top with and without a bra to see what works best for you. If you’re looking for a maternity tank top you can sleep in, you’ll like the soft, breathable fabric of the B.D.A.™ Maternity Tank Top, which can help keep you cooler during the night.

Should a tank top feel tight or loose while wearing?

If you’re choosing a maternity tank top for added support, you’ll want one that hugs your body and feels comfortably snug—but not restrictive.

How do I know what size tank top I need?

Generally, your sizing for maternity clothes will be consistent with sizing for your pre-pregnancy clothes. If you typically wear a small in your non-maternity tank tops, then a size small in maternity tank tops should work, as well.

About Shapewear Tanks & Bodysuits

Benefits of Belly Bandit Tanks & Bodysuits

The Belly Bandit B.D.A.™ Maternity Tank Top is the best maternity tank top if you’re looking for a quality option that’s also highly versatile, since you can wear it before, during, and after pregnancy. It’s comfortable, breathable, and stretches as you grow, and you can easily wear it under clothing or on its own. Our Bump Support Maternity Bodysuit gives powerful, grow-with-you support for your belly and back. It also helps prevent thigh chafing while smoothing your overall silhouette under clothes.

Features of Belly Bandit Tanks & Bodysuits

Our maternity tanks and maternity bodysuits are made to stretch as your belly grows during pregnancy. Bonus: Our maternity tank tops actually return to their original shape after they stretch, so you can wear them well after your baby comes! The B.D.A.™ Maternity Tank Top features ruched side seams for a comfy, flattering fit, and comes in classic black and white to work perfectly with your wardrobe. It’s also made with our WonderWeave™ material, which seals in stretch mark lotions and creams to soothe dry, itchy skin. Our pull-on Bump Support Maternity Bodysuit lifts your growing belly with 360-degree support and has a bustless design so you can wear any bra—helpful for a fluctuating bustline! It provides full back smoothing and prevents thigh chafing, and you can wear it as underwear to prevent panty lines.

Shapewear Maternity Tanks & Bodysuits

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