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Shapewear Underwear

Shapewear Underwear

Top FAQs

Do body shapewear panties work?

Yes! A shaper panty works by providing compression and support, which helps increase blood flow and mobility. The best control panties also give a slimming effect under your clothing for added confidence and comfort.

What is the purpose of tummy control shaping underwear?

The main purpose of tummy control shaping underwear is to help women feel confident in ever-changing bodies. At Belly Bandit, our shapewear panties also provide compression to reduce postpartum swelling and discomfort.

Does Belly Bandit sell high waisted shaper panties?

Belly Bandit offers a variety of high waisted shaper panties like the Postpartum Sculpting Girdle, C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies, and our Mother Tucker® Postpartum Smoothing Shorts.

For an everyday high waisted shaper panty, the Postpartum High Waisted Smoothing Brief is a smoothing, lightweight option with a leak-resistant absorbent liner.

Will shaper panties make me look slimmer?

If you’re looking for panties that make you look slimmer, a high waisted shaper panty can definitely help. Belly Bandit offers some of the best control panties for giving you a smooth, tucked-in look under your clothing.

Should shapewear panties be one size smaller?

When shopping for a shaper panty, it’s best to buy true to size. Belly Bandit’s shapewear underwear is designed to offer compression and control in your current size. Buying one size smaller can lead to unnecessary discomfort, and even bulging (which is the opposite of what you want!).

Is it safe to wear shaper undies everyday?

This depends on your situation, and we always recommend that postpartum women get advice from their care provider. Even the best control top underwear can become problematic if worn all day, every day. Be sure to give your tummy a breather every now and then, especially if you experience any numbness or gastrointestinal issues.

On the other hand, postpartum compression panties are designed for everyday use to help in your recovery after childbirth.

What are the best tummy shaper panties?

The best control panties are designed with enough compression and support to get the job done, without making you feel constricted or uncomfortable. For optimum tummy control, we recommend the Postpartum Sculpting Girdle with two layers of SecureStretch™ fabric.

Where to buy Shaper Panties

Belly Bandit shapewear underwear is sold online and in several stores including Target, Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby, and Motherhood Maternity.

About Shapewear Underwear

Benefits of Belly Bandit Shapewear Panties

At Belly Bandit, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable and secure in your postpartum body. Whether you’ve had a C-section or vaginal birth, we carry the best control top underwear for those first crucial weeks (and months) after baby.

All of our shaper panties are designed with breathable fabric that holds you in, without feeling constrictive or uncomfortably tight.

Features of Belly Bandit Shapewear Panties

Belly Bandit shapewear panties provide smoothing support to help you feel tucked in and secure after pregnancy. Our Postpartum Sculpting Girdle and High Waisted Smoothing Brief provide targeted compression to reduce swelling, and help you feel like yourself again.

Shapewear Panties

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