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Wrap + Workout!
Wrap + Workout!

Wrap + Workout!

We love when moms show us how they use our products! That's why we wanted to share this postpartum workout sent to us from fitness/nutrition expert and new mom, Monica Nelson

Re-strengthening and re-conditioning your core is no joke after pregnancy. It’s SO important especially if you plan on being pregnant again. Here’s a great circuit that is perfect for all levels and you can do with your little one close by! I also love using a Belly Bandit Belly Wrap to help the core come in.

As always make sure you have the clear from your doctor, health practitioner or PT. Let’s go!

Try 10-20 Reps Each (or whatever you can)

Repeat 1-3 x! 

Postpartum Core Workout:

  • Slide Out Leg
  • Dead Bug
  • Hold Bridge (10-20 secs)
  • Alt. Bridge March (don’t drop into hips)
  • Spinal Balance (Bird Dog)

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