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Moms Who Made It - Erica Ziel
Moms Who Made It - Erica Ziel

Moms Who Made It - Erica Ziel

Here at Belly Bandit HQ, a women-owned and operated company, we believe in celebrating the success of all women in business! Our “Moms Who Made It” series is our way of honoring Mompreneurs who inspire us every day.

This week we're thrilled to be featuring Erica Ziel, founder of KnockedUp Fitness! Erica, a personal trainer and expert in fitness-infused Pilates, used her vast experience in pre and post-natal fitness to launch a program where women could learn about strengthening their deep core muscles and how that can relate to an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.  Knocked Up Fitness has quickly become the go-to online destination for women who want to stay fit and healthy during all stages of pregnancy, including after baby is born.

Describe your business philosophy in 5 words:

Empowering women to feel confident!

What inspired you to go into business?

After I had my 2nd I realized the core training that was taught towards pregnant women was not effective and once pregnant with my third I decided to create my own prenatal workout dvd with exercises that were core appropriate for pregnancy. It was a great start! And over these past 6 years have developed even better core training and programming for pregnant women, postpartum and beyond mamas, and we are gearing up to expand. Since initially starting my Knocked-Up Fitness® brand I’ve expanded to improve the lives of mom’s everywhere teaching them that they do have the power to improve how their body feels, moves, and functions (both physically and emotionally) with my Core Rehab Program.

When did you know you, “made it?”

For me I feel like this is a 2-part question: With my training I’ve been staying at the for-front of research, learning and applying particularly principles of fascia and deep core function for the last half of my career. With my business this past year and a half it has grown tremendously and I’m extremely grateful for the positive impact my programs are having for so many mamas!

Who is your mentor?

There are so many! I feel I am constantly learning from so many; my husband, parents, friends, so many others! Some in the fitness industry, others, entrepreneurs.

What's your #1 tip for moms interested in business

Trust your intuition! And make decisions! (okay that’s 2 but both equally important!)

What does “me” time mean to you?

Doing something that leaves me feeling more energized, free from my phone and other distractions. This could be going for a long walk, Pilates or yoga (uninterrupted), retreats, and when by a beach just enjoying being outdoors.

What‘s on your bedside table?

A lamp. Boring I know, but I can’t read at night or I’ll never go to bed.

Words to live by - Share you favorite quote!

Dream Big!

To learn more about Erica and Knocked-Up Fitness head to,