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Mommy and Me Yoga Poses w/Whitney E. RD!
Mommy and Me Yoga Poses w/Whitney E. RD!

Mommy and Me Yoga Poses w/Whitney E. RD!

"Got a newborn at home and zero time to workout alone? Try incorporating your little one into a mommy and me workout with these fun yoga poses you can do with a baby." Whitney E. RD

Today I’m sharing my favorite yoga poses with baby for all my multi-tasking mamas out there. They go from easiest to most challenging. Make sure you’ve been cleared to exercise by your doctor before trying any of them. And please practice these poses at your own risk — your baby’s wellbeing is paramount, so if you don’t feel confident that you can perform these safely, don’t try them!

Forward Fold with Baby

Get some face to face with your little one while working on your flexibility. Forward fold stretches the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings.

Downward Dog with Baby

My little guy loves this pose. I start in plank, move into chaturanga, and give him a kiss on the forehead as I pull up into upward dog, then push back to downward dog.


Reverse Warrior with Baby

Maybe I’m biased, but I think mamas are particularly deserving of warrior pose. Birth certainly felt like war to me!

You can turn this one into a mini flow sequence. Start with a one-armed High Lunge. Open to Warrior 2. Transition to Reverse Warrior. Flip both feet inward and drop down into a Goddess Squat. Give it a few pulses, then flow back through the way you came.

Tree Pose with Baby

Use extra caution with this one. Your balance may be a little off postpartum! When done properly and safely though, it can help you work on getting your center of gravity back.


Whitney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. To get more of her amazing tips head to,