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How to Stay Motivated When Your Turn Into A Mombie!
How to Stay Motivated When Your Turn Into A Mombie!

How to Stay Motivated When Your Turn Into A Mombie!

Calling all sure to check out these "survival" tips from from Mom and Beachbody Coach and Mentor, Alli Upham! 

The word TIRED has a COMPLETELY new meaning after having a kid…Whether you’re staying up all night because your kid is sick, or you’re like me for the past 5 months and dealing with a baby that just WILL NOT EVER SLEEP. Being a mom is an absolutely beautiful thing, and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING! But let me tell you something… I’ve never been more tired in my LIFE!

And being super tired when you are trying to work on your #MOMBOD has been really difficult.

To all my mom’s out there, have you ever just felt like your days are just a blur? Have you ever gotten through an entire day on what feels like ABSOLUTE ZERO ENERGY and wonder…

 “How in the WORLD did I do that? What happened today?!”

This is what I call being in MOMBIE MODE - AKA Extreme Sleep-Deprived, Supermom Mode.

Symptoms of being in Mombie Mode include:

  • Inconsistent sleep patterns

  • Strong desires to only wear the same pair of comfy PJs every day

  • Tendency to crave and consume INSANE amounts of caffeine

  • A lack of caring when looking like a hot mess

  • Extended exposure to your child’s sticky kisses and messy smiles

You (or your partner) may also just call this Suck It Up Mode 😂

Whatever you call it, here are the things I’ve found work to help push me through my Mombie moments:




Boom! That’s it, I’m done!

Hahaha, just kidding... Well, not really. I do have my 2 cups of coffee in the morning 😶

But if you’re a mom who’s breastfeeding, you can’t just chug down coffee and pre-workout all day… Wo what do you do?!



The real remedy to getting through Zombie Mode includes a lot of different things that will help get you back the energy you’re missing.

First things first... make sure you watch what you are putting into your body.


They say drink half your body weight in ounces of water, so if you are 200 lbs than 100 ounces of water a day if you aren’t breastfeeding.

If you are breastfeeding they say stick to less than 90 ounces a day no matter what…just in case it dilutes the milk supply.  So my goal daily is 75 ounces…set a goal and drink water like a boss. 


When you eat like crap you feel like crap…and the motivation will start to diminish REAL FAST because your are on sugar overload… when you’re sleep deprived your body needs FUEL, I literally eat every 2.5 hours I’m keeping my energy up, healthy foods all day! 

ext up... get some help!


 There’s no way I could do what I do alone. I’m not super mom, I need help! Trust me, I am running off 3 hour chunks of sleep…

There has been a handle full of nights where I got 5-7 straight hours of sleep, but each of those nights happened because we had HELP.

A family member would come stay and they would have Camden in the guest room with them…

A friend would come over and feed Camden in the middle of the night for us

During the times when Brent and I feel like we were just absolutely sinking and were just completely exhausted, we ask for help. It takes TRUST, I had to trust that my family had Camden’s best interest at hand.

Don’t have a pity party for yourself, you have to remember you aren’t in this alone and you aren’t meant to go through this alone.

There’s NO WAY I would be where I am today if it weren’t for the ladies in my Virtual Gym…I have a group just like this, but with my girls who are with me not just for 7 days, but for the long haul. 

When I’m having a good day, I’m inspiring them with all my might. And when I’m having a not-so-good day, they return the favor!

We share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We conquer this journey TOGETHER.

We get Fit Together. Stay Strong Together.

And overcome Mombie Mode TOGETHER!

Last, but not least... find the small things that motivate you!


One of the greatest motivation hacks I've found is simply having the right clothes on!

When I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed thinking about a workout I have to get through, one of the first things I do is go change into my workout clothes.

There's just something about wearing the right gear that gets me in the mood to workout!

So the next time you're lacking the motivation, get out of those PJs and put on your dang workout clothes. I bet that you'll feel better about your workout in aFLASH ⚡️


There’s no way I would've made it thorough any of my workouts during those first 3 weeks of fitness without MUSIC!

Besides changing into my workout clothes, one of the best things I found for gaining motivation was to start playing some of my favorite jams 🔊

As soon as I let some of my workout playlists play for a few songs, I could just feel ALL THE MOJO coming back into my body. Finding high-energy music, no matter the genre, really helped getting the blood flowing and put me in the right mindset to get this workout done!

I also LOVE making playlists, so if you're on Spotify and need somewhere to find some awesome workout jams - just look me up 😁 My playlists will definitely help get you in the mood to get your sweat on in the gym or at home! 


Getting back into the grind of a regular fitness program is TOUGH, but you must be patient and treat yourself with some GRACE.

Once I was cleared by the doctor to workout, I went ALL IN!

I started by giving myself just ONE rest day each week, with a goal to make it all the way to Sunday, and then rest...

But to be full honest, sometimes I was just too exhausted.


I had to remember to have GRACE with myself and do what my body was telling me I absolutely had to do. And sometimes, even if I was ready to workout, my body just wasn’t responding and needed a break… so I took it!

So YES - it's important to push yourself as you get back to working out. But it's also important to really listen to your body and not feel bad about taking a break. Just remember to have grace, take a break, then get back on it first thing the next day! 


Let’s face it, every Mom becomes a Mombie every now and then… and that’s ok!

It takes GRIT, DETERMINATION and FOCUS to fit a workout into those days when you’re just running on fumes... but just remember that you’re not in this thing alone.

If you need to link arms with my VIRTUAL Mom Support System, we are all here for you! Just click the image below and get connected to other awesome moms who are back on their fitness journey just like you 😁

Much love to all the Mombies out there!

To learn more about Alli head to and follow her on Instagram @alliupham