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Diet & Postpartum Lifestyle
Diet & Postpartum Lifestyle

Diet & Postpartum Lifestyle

Need a little postpartum body boost? Here's some advice from our fave fitness and nutrition expert, Adele Cavaliere, about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-pregnancy. 

By no means do I suggest never-ever indulging or enjoying tasty food; but moderation and balance are sooooo key! Yo-yo dieting ruins your metabolism, increases cortisol (belly fat) and plays tricks with your head! Diet pills, pre-workout mixes and extreme diets ALL FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY!!!!

If your goal is to consistently feel good, consistently feel healthy, consistently fit into your favorite pair of jeans - then your daily actions NEED TO REFLECT THAT WANT!!!!

Here are some tips that help me:

  • Eat breakfast & drink water during the day
  • Carry healthy snacks; (fruit, veggie sticks, protein shakes, omelet muffins)
  • Avoid overtraining (increases cortisol, chances of injury and sugar cravings)!
  • Plan "cheats" ahead of time so that I don't overdo it! Drink peppermint tea with a "cheat" - prevents bloating and overeating
  • Always have a "goal"
  • Remind myself of my "why"
  • Focus on digestion. When digestion is off - your body is off!

And of course, here at BB HQ we suggest wearing your Mother Tucker Corset for those times when you need a little help to look and feel your absolute best!  

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