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Benefits of Using an Abdominal Belly Wrap After a Hysterectomy
Benefits of Using an Abdominal Belly Wrap After a Hysterectomy

Benefits of Using an Abdominal Belly Wrap After a Hysterectomy

Recovery from any surgery can be difficult, painful, and emotionally exhausting—and a hysterectomy is no exception. This major surgery can leave you feeling weak and result in significant hormonal changes, as well. Luckily, there are several ways to aid your recovery, including belly wrapping. Research has shown that using an abdominal binder after hysterectomy can be beneficial for increased mobility, decreased pain, and overall wellness. 

Let’s take a look at what a hysterectomy entails, how abdominal binding can be helpful during post-op recovery, and what type of belly wraps to consider. 

What is a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical removal of the uterus. There are different types of hysterectomies; a partial hysterectomy removes the uterus but leaves the cervix intact, while a total hysterectomy removes the uterus and cervix. In some cases, the ovaries, fallopian tubes, certain lymph nodes, and even part of the vagina may be removed, as well. This surgery can be performed laparoscopically, vaginally, or through an incision in the abdomen. 

What happens to your body when you have a hysterectomy?

For many women, getting a hysterectomy may improve their health, especially if the reason for surgery is due to endometriosis, painful fibroids, or abnormal bleeding. After the uterus is removed, the surrounding organs in the body simply fill the empty space. Most patients will need to begin hormone replacement therapy after a hysterectomy, as well, since removing reproductive organs can throw off hormone levels. For women who haven’t been through menopause yet, hormone therapy will also help with early menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood changes. 

Can I wear an abdominal belly binder after hysterectomy?

Be sure to consult with your doctor before you begin wearing an abdominal binder and throughout your recovery period if you notice any redness or skin irritation. But if you’re wondering, “Can I wear a belly band after a hysterectomy?” the answer is typically yes! 

Can using a belly wrap help after a hysterectomy?

Unless your doctor says otherwise, a hysterectomy belly band can be a helpful tool in recovery. While more research is needed to fully understand the benefits, some studies have shown that wearing an abdominal binder after hysterectomy can reduce pain and psychological distress. Your doctor may even prescribe a belly wrap after surgery, or you may wake up from surgery already wearing one for support. 

Benefits of belly wraps post hysterectomy

Aside from easing discomfort and pain, wearing a belly binder after hysterectomy may also help: 

  • Secure abdominal muscles in place
  • Support core muscles
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce swelling
  • Increase circulation

Will the Belly Bandit belly wrap provide compression after hysterectomy?

Yes! All of Belly Bandit’s Belly Wraps provide 360° compression that is comfortable and supportive. Using this type of compression after surgery can help improve circulation and help you feel more like yourself. 

Will a belly wrap help flatten my tummy?

Lots of women have noted that wearing a belly wrap helps flatten their tummy. Belly Bandit’s Belly Wraps provide targeted compression that smoothes and shapes your tummy, waist and hips.

How long should I wear an abdominal belly wrap after a hysterectomy? 

Your doctor will let you know how long to wear a belly band after having a hysterectomy. For a traditional total hysterectomy, six weeks is a typical recovery time frame. During these six weeks, your hysterectomy belly band can help with your mobility, comfort, and support. Just be sure to keep your belly wrap clean and dry to prevent infection and skin irritation. (Our Belly Shield is designed to help with this!)

Are belly wraps for hysterectomy reimbursable with health insurance?

Depending on your coverage, a belly binder after hysterectomy may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. Belly Bandit’s Belly Wraps are HSA and FSA approved, and if your doctor prescribes an abdominal binder after hysterectomy, it will likely be covered by insurance. 

How to choose the best belly wrap 

All of Belly Bandit’s Belly Wraps are designed to fit comfortably and provide helpful compression. The Luxe Belly Wrap is our most popular option, since it provides the most targeted compression and support in a patented corset-inspired design.

The B.F.F. Belly Wrap is also a fan favorite because of the dual closure tabs for customizable fit and support. Regardless of which belly wrap you choose, make sure you can still breathe comfortably while wearing it. 

Let's wrap it up ...

Using an abdominal binder after a hysterectomy can be beneficial to recovery. Abdominal binders like a Belly Bandit Belly Wrap can help ease pain and discomfort, promote mobility, improve circulation, and support your core while you heal from major surgery. These wraps may also be covered by insurance and should be worn for up to six weeks, or as long as your doctor recommends. The most important thing is to make sure your hysterectomy belly band fits comfortably and securely and stays clean.