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Wrap + Workout Pt2
Wrap + Workout Pt2

Wrap + Workout Pt2

Postpartum workouts can be tough - mentally & physically! Here are some tips from fitness/nutrition expert and new mom, Monica Nelson to help make your workouts more effective and fun. Hint: Bandit + Baby definitely helps! 

New Core Circuit! Great for ALL and especially anyone in postpartum recovery.

This circuit works your core, obliques and opens up your chest releasing any tightness or stiffness. Make sure it feels good if you are in the postpartum period and for extra support, I’m loving this belly wrap from @bellybandit! 3 movements total and aim for 10 reps each side- then switch sides. Make sure you inhale on the extending and then exhale (zip up pelvic floor) as you round up to lower belly. Go get it! 💪🏻


  • Extended leg out knee to elbow twists
  • Spinal balance w/ knee to elbow twist
  • Spinal balance w/ knee to elbow twist WITH added back rotation (so good if you’re feeling a tight upper body, for example: from nursing (🙋🏼‍♀️)or desk job, etc.)

Do 10 reps each side, Repeat 1-3 times!

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