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No matter what size you buy, you will need an belly extender

Smaller than expected. After use it started to warp. Not fit right

It was way too small which was weird. I have one already size M and it was just a bit too tight due to my swelling so I purchased another one and went a size up in the meantime. But it felt smaller than my M one …it was super tight and could barely hook it and it was hurting my scar. So I returned it and I still haven’t received my refund I’ve sent two emails already and nothing.

Sizing guide was way off. I wound up just giving these away because they did not fit.

not supportive or shaping enough for me but nice sizing

Way too small. A medium is too big and a small is too small Disappointed

This item do not hold you in.

I followed the size chart, however the undies were too big.

Good quality

Have been using for the last couple months of my pregnancy; comfortable and easy to use, though a bit wide for someone as short as me. Overall good quality and has eased my discomfort.

Leggings are too short! I thought they would come down to my ankles or even have extra length but it doesn’t. It does shape you, I just which they were longer.

Very disappointed runs super small

More like tights. I literally can't wear them without dragging the crotch up

Purchased as a gift. She stated that it really helped support the baby during the last trimester since she is required to stand during her workday. I did not hear specifics regarding fit, but I believe she was happy with how it fit. She is about 5’4” and we used the provided guidelines and recommended size when purchasing.

I gave it 2 stars for softness. Fishhook is very annoying and bothered my incision in my belly button after a full hysterectomy. I bought tank tops(Costco) that I read in another review. For me, waste of money and now I am stuck with it.

This really helped my lower back aches that started day 8 after a total hysterectomy. I find it uncomfortable in bed, I take it off. Very comfortable sitting at the table or in any chair, prevents slouchy which has caused discomfort. Makes you sit up straight, which feels good. I wear a long tank top(Costco). I bought the sleeve to wear under it, the fishhook was annoying and uncomfortable around the incision around the belly button. I wish I didn't purchase it, no stuck with it. Highly recommended for any abdominal surgery. You won't regret it.

So thick and the seams are stitched badly. Nylon like material. Makes your butt look bad. Not breathable

It sucks up your body and has a corset feeling. To me the belly part ended right below my breasts, would prefer to be shorter.

They roll down a bit and I wish the control panel went down more into the crotch area so there wasn't a little bump there. Otherwise they are nice.

Liked these leggings a lot! Although I bought 3 in different colors and the sizing felt off just slightly between the different colors.

Leggings are comfortable and provide good compression, but after wearing twice (haven’t washed yet) the crotch has a hole in it. Disappointed!

I don’t really understand the hype. They’re ok- but a ribbed material and not very comfortable. For the price, my lulu’s were significantly more comfortable and still offered compression.
I personally wouldn’t buy them again, but if you like a more firm, structured feel to your leggings then you might love these!

Great thick stretchy material.