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Moms Who Made It: Audrey Thompson of Mebie Baby
Moms Who Made It: Audrey Thompson of Mebie Baby

Moms Who Made It: Audrey Thompson of Mebie Baby

At Belly Bandit, we believe in celebrating the success of other woman-owned businesses—especially when those female founders are mamas, too! Each month in our "Moms Who Made It" interview serieswe feature an entrepreneurial mom we admire and hear all about the trials and triumphs of balancing both family and the birth of a brand.

This month, we're featuring Audrey Thompson, whose business Mebie Baby offers a line of modern baby basics like swaddles, onesies and moreWe're delighted to share her story and introduce our Bandita mamas to Mebie Baby's designs.


Tell us a bit about your company and the products you’ve created.

I make baby blankets, bedding accessories, and basic baby clothing!

What was the problem in the marketplace that you set out to solve, and how did you go about finding a solution for it?

I wanted neutral items that were modern and simple. At the time it was hard to find blankets or bedding without a crazy pattern on it. I started out with blankets and then went on to simple, modern clothing!

Describe your business philosophy in a few words.

I wanted to offer modern, simple basics at an affordable price! 

What has kept you motivated throughout the journey of starting your own business? 

My customers' positive feedback keeps me feeling like I am doing the right thing by offering what I do. I also love using my own products and clothing on my own children. I think it has been so good to have them watch what it takes to run a business. They’re always coming up with their own business ideas. I hope they understand that while it was not easy, it was worth the hard work.

When did you start to think, “OK, this idea might actually work”? 

I really just wanted to have a small business selling baby items. I never had an end goal. But once the sales started coming in and items were selling out, I was very humbled.

Who is your mentor? 

My husband has been a good business mentor for me. In the beginning, I always wondered if it would ever pay off. He always reminded me that if I was putting all the work in and never giving up, it would pay off.

What’s your #1 tip for moms interested in starting their own businesses?

Go for it! Try to do something that nobody else has done yet. Even if it's a new fabric, pattern, color or idea, just make it unique. I love being a mom, but it also fills my cup to own a business. If you have the urge, do it! Also, do not give up when the going is tough. It is a lot of hard work and that part never goes away.

What does “me” time mean to you?  

I like to get my nails done or maybe get a facial. But nothing beats being away with my family doing something that we love.

Any favorite books or podcasts that you’ve found particularly motivating? 

I listened to so many podcasts while starting out on how to grow a business and they were very helpful. Now I find myself listening to positive thinking books and podcasts. I love listening to Dave Ramsey and Christy Wright. I mainly try to find podcasts and books that help keep my head in the game of working hard and staying positive.

What’s on your bedside table? 

Always: my Stanley cup with ice water, Laneige lip mask, and a book! 

What's your favorite inspirational quote?

Don’t miss out on something great just because it could also be difficult.


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