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Postpartum Recovery Underwear

Postpartum Recovery Underwear

Top FAQs

What are the materials of Belly Bandit Postpartum Underwear?

The best postpartum underwear are the ones that offer comfort, support, compression, and protection for your C-section incision. Our leakproof postpartum underwear are made from a nylon-spandex blend, with several layers of absorbent lining that wick away moisture and keep you feeling dry, clean, and fresh. Both our C-Section Recovery Briefs and our C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and silver-infused yarns that help combat odor and bacteria.

What are postpartum underwear?

Postpartum underwear are specially designed to help support your recovery after giving birth, whether you had a vaginal or C-section delivery. Our collection of postpartum panties, briefs, corset-style undies, and other styles give you plenty of choices after baby, whether you’re looking for compression, comfort, or leak protection.

When should you start wearing postpartum underwear?

When you start wearing postpartum underwear will depend on the type you choose. Our leakproof postpartum underwear is designed to help with postpartum bleeding and bladder leaks—two issues you might encounter after delivery—and can be worn as soon as you like. Our C-section recovery underwear options (both the briefs and the undies) can be worn as soon as you’re comfortable. Some moms need a bit more time for their C-section incision to heal before compression is tolerable, while others want that extra support and cinched feeling soon after delivery.

Do you really need postpartum underwear?

Many new moms are surprised by just how much—and how long—bleeding can occur after delivery. (We’re talking weeks here!) Having leakproof postpartum underwear on hand after you give birth means you’ll have a comfortable alternative to adult diapers and postpartum mesh underwear. Bonus: Our postpartum panties look and feel just like your everyday undies!

How long should you wear postpartum underwear?

You can wear our leakproof postpartum underwear until your postpartum bleeding stops, which can be anywhere from a few days to six weeks. We offer a range of absorbency options to meet your unique needs; our lightest pair absorbs up to a light pantyliner’s worth of liquid, while our most absorbent undies can handle up to 10 teaspoons of liquid.

How many postpartum underwear do I need?

Because postpartum bleeding can last for weeks, we recommend stocking up on several pairs so you can do a little less laundry—especially in those early days with your little one! You may also want to have a few different absorbency options available so you can swap out as bleeding decreases.

What is the difference between regular underwear and postpartum undies?

Regular underwear isn’t made to deal with the bladder leaks and postpartum bleeding that can happen after childbirth. Our leakproof postpartum underwear is designed to keep you comfortable, clean, and dry by wicking moisture away from your body and sealing it in with Leak-Loc® edges.

Which Belly Bandit undies are best for after pregnancy?

We offer three unique options for postpartum underwear: a super-light absorbency high-waisted brief, a heavy absorbency bikini, and super-heavy absorbency hipster-style panties. Depending upon how light or heavy your postpartum bleeding may be, there’s a pair that will work for you!

Can Belly Bandit postpartum underwear be used after C-section?

We have plenty of postpartum underwear options for our C-section mamas! We think you’ll love our C-Section Recovery Briefs, which protect your incision and can help reduce swelling and discomfort after delivery, as well as our C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies, which offer firm compression to support your core muscles and stabilize your mid-section during recovery.

What are the best postpartum underwear?

Well, we’re a little bit biased here, but we think the best postpartum underwear are the ones that look and feel like your everyday undies, but work overtime to help with postpartum bleeding and bladder leaks. That’s why we created three unique styles—from bikinis to hipster briefs—that blend comfort with smart technology that keeps you clean and dry day and night.

Does Belly Bandit carry mesh postpartum underwear?

We don’t carry mesh postpartum underwear, because we think postpartum panties shouldn’t have to look or feel like a diaper to be comfortable and functional. Instead, we use patented materials and technology to create the best postpartum underwear that looks and feels like the versions you wore pre-baby—because only one of you needs to leave the hospital in a diaper!

What size postpartum underwear do I need?

Our postpartum underwear runs true to size, so if you’re buying after giving birth, refer to the size chart on the product page and choose a size according to your current measurements.

About Postpartum Recovery Underwear

Benefits of Belly Bandit Postpartum Underwear

Belly Bandit offers a range of postpartum underwear, including leakproof options that look just like your regular underwear, and specially designed postpartum underwear for C-sections. Our leakproof postpartum underwear styles are designed to support you through one of the post-baby changes no one tells you about: leaks! These can range from light bladder leaks caused by a weakened pelvic floor to postpartum bleeding that can last for weeks. For C-section moms, we offer high-waisted, corset-style undies with core compression and support, as well as classic briefs with moderate compression and incision protection.

Features of Belly Bandit Postpartum Underwear

Our collection of leakproof postpartum underwear includes three styles: bikini, hipster panties, and high-waisted smoothing briefs. Each style features multiple layers of absorbent lining that pull moisture away from your body and Leak-Loc® edges to seal it in, so you feel fresh, dry, and confident. The best part? Our leakproof postpartum undies look and feel like your regular underwear: comfortable, soft, and seamless under clothing. Our C-section postpartum underwear come in two styles: C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies with targeted compression and Stayput technology for a no-roll waist, and C-Section Recovery Briefs with a comfy high waist and moisture-wicking fabric. Both are made with silver-infused yarns to minimize odor and bacteria. No postpartum mesh underwear here!