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Maternity Underwear

Maternity Underwear

Top FAQs

How does maternity underwear work?

The best maternity underwear is designed with technical fabrics that can absorb the bladder leaks that are common during pregnancy. Belly Banditโ€™s collection of maternity underwear means you donโ€™t have to worry about wearing a pantyliner or dealing with an โ€œoops!โ€ moment after you cough, laugh, or sneeze.

What type of maternity undies does Belly Bandit carry?

We offer four different styles of maternity underwear, including two styles of maternity briefs, a lace cheeky version, and an ultra-comfy maternity thong. They range from ultra-light to moderate absorbency, so thereโ€™s an option for every type of mama-to-be.

What makes maternity underwear different from regular underwear?

Maternity underwear usually has plenty of stretch to accommodate a growing belly, and generally falls into two style categories: high-waisted maternity underwear that fit over the belly, or low-rise versions that sit just below it.

Do I really need maternity underwear?

Some mamas choose to simply size up in their favorite style of non-maternity underwear, which works as long as youโ€™re comfortable. But as your belly grows, you might find that you want the comfort of seamless maternity underwear, or you want to feel more confident that your underwear can absorb those surprise bladder leaks. Thatโ€™s where we come in!

Can you wear thong underwear while pregnant?

Absolutely! We recommend our Maternity Leakproof Thong if youโ€™re looking for maternity thong underwear. The grow-with-you fabric is super comfortable, and the technical material is designed to absorb up to two teaspoons of liquidโ€”ideal for light leaks, sweaty workouts, discharge, and keeping odor at bay.

How do you choose the right size of underwear during maternity?

The most important thing is to choose maternity underwear that is comfortable for youโ€”that means no chafing, rubbing, or pinching. The best maternity underwear is designed to grow with you, stretching to support your belly while staying in place. You should be safe opting for your regular size, but size up whenever a pair starts to feel uncomfortably tight.

How do I know if my underwear is too small?

If your underwear feels uncomfortable during all-day wear, or you notice pinching, chafing, or rubbing, itโ€™s time to try a new size or style.

What maternity underwear should I wear during labor?

While you most likely wonโ€™t be wearing underwear once real labor has started, some expectant moms choose to wear light-colored maternity underwear in the final weeks of pregnancy, so itโ€™s easier to spot discharge that signals your baby is on its way into the world.

What kind of underwear do I need after giving birth?

We offer several options for postpartum underwear, including two styles of C-section recovery undies and three styles of postpartum leakproof underwear. Some new moms opt to wear C-section recovery shorts, postpartum smoothing shorts, or our postpartum sculpting girdle. The right option for you depends on what type of delivery you had and what postpartum issues you might be experiencing.

What is the best underwear for pregnancy?

The short answer: the best maternity underwear is the pair that feels most comfortable for you. Weโ€™ve designed our line of maternity underwear to combine superior comfort with incredible leakproof technology to keep you feeling clean, dry, and confident. We think youโ€™ll find that these pairs are an absolute must-have before, during, and after pregnancy!

About Maternity Underwear

Benefits of Belly Bandit Maternity Underwear

Belly Banditโ€™s maternity underwear line is designed to support women throughout pregnancy and offer protection from those surprise leaks that can stem from an unexpected sneeze, cough, or laugh.

Features of Belly Bandit Maternity Underwear

Our collection includes maternity thong underwear, lace cheeky briefs, and comfy bikini and hipster styles.

Our Maternity Leak-Resistant Everyday Undies offer super-light absorbency (about one light tampon or panty linerโ€™s worth of liquid). Theyโ€™re ideal for absorbing light leaks, discharge, and sweat while wicking moisture away from the body. Our Maternity Leakproof Brief steps up the absorbent power, holding up to six teaspoons of liquidโ€”great for moderate bladder leaks, sweat, discharge, and reducing odor. Our Maternity Leakproof Lacy Cheeky offers similar protection, with chic lace detailing on the sides. And for those looking for maternity thong underwear, our Maternity Leakproof Thong is a must-have, thanks to its ability to absorb up to two teaspoons of liquid while offering the seamless look you love.

Best Maternity Underwear