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Maternity Leggings, Tights & Shorts

Maternity Leggings & Shorts

Top FAQs

When should I start wearing maternity leggings?

It’s really up to you! We find that most women start wearing maternity leggings early in their 2nd trimester as that’s when they begin to show and feel the need for supportive, grow-with-you clothing options.

What size maternity leggings should I buy?

For most women, their maternity size corresponds with their pre-pregnancy size. So, if you bought a pair of size eight leggings pre-pregnancy, you would also buy that size during pregnancy. Maternity clothes tend to be more generous so that you can use them throughout your pregnancy and sometimes even beyond.

How do I choose maternity leggings?

We recommend looking for leggings with belly support and moderate compression in the legs for comfort, smoothing, and shaping.

Can tight pants hurt the baby?

It’s doubtful that tight pants will hurt the baby, but there is potential that it could cause you discomfort or even put you at some risk for meralgia paresthetica. This condition is caused when nerves connected to the thigh are restricted. During pregnancy, comfort is key, and finding clothes that are supportive and don’t feel overly tight is highly recommended.

Can tight pants cut off circulation to baby?

No, but they could very well impact you! Women who wear clothes that are too tight during pregnancy run the risk of reduced circulation, heartburn, and even yeast infections.

Benefits of Maternity Leggings

The benefit of wearing maternity leggings is grow-with-you comfort, moderate leg compression, and tummy support!

When should I stop wearing maternity leggings?

That’s entirely up to you! Many women find wearing maternity leggings for a few months postpartum to be a comfortable option as they slowly lose “baby” weight and get back to their normal activities.

Are compression leggings good for pregnancy?

Compression leggings or maternity tights are great options during pregnancy. They can help compress the swelling that naturally occurs during pregnancy, help alleviate back pain, and reduce muscle and joint pain. Our Maternity Compression Tights feature medical-grade compression to help improve blood flow and circulation and may help prevent varicose veins, swelling, and leg heaviness.

Can you wear leggings while pregnant?

Leggings are perfectly safe to wear during pregnancy. They are easy to pull on and off and are extremely comfortable. If you have varicose veins to be wary of the type of leggings you choose, opt for pregnancy leggings designed for your body. The wrong types of leggings may irritate your varicose veins. Always wear cotton or stretchable one, never nylon or synthetic. Go for comfortable ones, with good texture. Avoid leggings that constrict your waist. As pregnancy advances you might experience itching in limbs so cotton or stretchable ones are easy for posture, movement or even in sleep.

What is the difference between maternity leggings and regular leggings?

The main difference is in the belly/torso area. Maternity leggings are designed so that there is no pressure or tightness on your belly, so there is actually significantly less compression on the belly area and more stretch for when your belly grows each week. The high waist design with an extra panel provides full coverage and smoothing support. Not too tight like shapewear, it can fit comfortably throughout your entire pregnancy from the first trimester onward, and then perfect for right after delivery, motherhood and forever after. Maternity leggings have a built-in belly support panel that is designed to grow with your bump while still providing maximum lift and support.

Should I size up in leggings for pregnancy?

We recommend ordering a size up if in between sizes or in your third trimester. Sizing is determined by your pre-pregnancy size.

Is it OK to wear high waisted leggings while pregnant?

Besides specially designed light/maternity compression leggings, super tight clothes are generally a no-no when it comes to maternity leggings. Anything too tight can restrict blood flow to your growing bump and inhibit movement when going about your day and exercising, risking uncomfortable rashes and chafing. Save the tummy-control wear, like postpartum recovery shorts, for after birth. High waisted leggings specifically designed for maternity are not only safe to wear during pregnancy, but can offer much needed support! The high waist is typically an expandable panel to accommodate a growing belly.

What to look for in a pair of maternity leggings

It is good to invest in maternity compression tights and support wear, as they are designed with the perfect balance of support and room to grow your bump - but they need to be firm around the hips and pelvis to give the support you need. You’ll want to make sure they are breathable, soft, and supportive but not restrictive.

What are the types of maternity leggings?

Before you invest in a pair of maternity leggings, think about your comfort needs and preferences. There are two main types of pregnancy leggings on the market: under-the-bump and over-the-bump leggings.

•  Under-the-bump maternity leggings: These maternity leggings are low-waisted and rest just under your baby bump. Under-the-bump leggings have a super stretchy waistband that offers moms-to-be gentle support. This style is a good option earlier on in pregnancy, when your belly isn’t big enough to fill out an over-the-bump style.

•  Over-the-bump maternity leggings: This style has a built-in panel that’ll stretch to accommodate your growing belly. Over-the-bump maternity leggings are super-versatile, as the belly panel can be folded down during early pregnancy (and postpartum) or pulled up for maximum support in the final trimester.

About Maternity Leggings & Shorts

Can you wear regular leggings while pregnant?

You can wear regular leggings while pregnant, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are not designed to accommodate your changing body. Maternity leggings, such as our B.D.A. and Bump Support Leggings, are constructed with stretchy grow-with-you material and ample room and support for your belly.

What’s the difference between regular leggings and maternity leggings?

The key differences are fabric and belly support! For example, our Bump Support Leggings are made with WonderWeave™ material that keeps lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin. Regular leggings do not have this fabrication. Also, high-waisted maternity leggings, such as our B.D.A. leggings, have additional material that allows you to wear them over your belly for light belly support or to roll the top down for a snug and comfy fit. Both of these leggings’ styles offer moderate to substantial belly support that you won’t find in regular leggings.