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Let’s talk postpartum fitness!
Let’s talk postpartum fitness!

Let’s talk postpartum fitness!

We're back with more amazing postpartum tips from nutrition and fitness expert Adele Cavaliere.

Once you’ve been given the Dr., go-ahead, getting back into fitness after having a baby can have huge benefits. It’s no secret that exercise raises endorphin levels, boosting mood and helping to reduce the risk of depression. Exercise is a major bonus of any lifestyle — with benefits that can impact; heart health, recovery, stronger bones, increased energy and younger looking skin! Here are my 3 favorite tips when it comes to postpartum fitness:

1. Master your Form!

Some of the changes your body went through during pregnancy result in the head jutting forward, the shoulders rounding and the hips tilting forward. Be sure to regularly check your posture: Bring your head back, your shoulders back, stand or sit tall, and bring your hips to a neutral position. If you feel “off” or uncomfortable especially in your vaginal or belly areas, consider visiting a pelvic health physiotherapist, who can check out your pelvic floor as well as give recommendations on diastasis recti (when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy, resulting in a bulge).

2. BYOBaby!

Why not have fun, get fit and meet other mommas at the same time? Join a mom-baby fitness group or online Facebook forum. You’ll benefit from the accountability factor and get in a great workout which are run by certified trainers to ensure you are restoring your body in the healthiest way.

3. Pay Attention to your ABS!

Many new mommas want to whittle down their waistline in a super-fast time frame but it's especially easy to go too far too quickly. Start off slowly with a basic exercise like a plank. Planks are the single best core-conditioning exercise, but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture and improves balance. Begin by holding your elbows directly under your shoulders with [your] wrists in line with your elbows. Push your body up, head tucked in and legs together, as if you are doing a push-up, and hold for 10-15 seconds. You can gradually increase the holding time as you become stronger.

Another great exercise is the pelvic tilt, which targets the lower abdominals and also benefits the entire lower pelvic area. You will be surprised how effective this easy little exercise is. Lay flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat and arms at your sides. Begin by drawing in and tightening your belly and tilt your pelvis while pressing your back to the floor and squeezing your gluteus. Hold for at least 15 seconds.


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