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Belly Wrapping & Recovery - What You Need to Know!
Belly Wrapping & Recovery - What You Need to Know!

Belly Wrapping & Recovery - What You Need to Know!

Postpartum belly wrapping has been practiced for centuries, but for many moms the idea is still very new.  That's why we wanted to share some highlights from this recent article on that offers some insights into how Belly Wraps work and their benefits. 

"Light compression from abdominal wraps can support your natural transverse abdominal muscle when you can't yet contract it yet, explains Michelle Guido, D.P.T., founder of Activo Physical Therapy in San Diego. Wraps more or less "splint" the muscles which have separated during pregnancy (something that happens in all pregnancies, BTW, to make room for a growing uterus), adds Dr. Bartos. This could help you be more conscious of using your abs, which is step one in getting them back to full strength, notes Guido. They could also help with spinal alignment, encouraging, in turn, organs, your uterus, and muscles get back to business as usual, she explains."

Ashleigh M., a 30-year-old in New York who used use a belly wrap (Yep, our Viscose from Bamboo!) after a vaginal delivery.

"I felt like my body was just complete jello after birth, and wearing the wrap helped me feel less like jello in those first few weeks postpartum," she says. "It also provided some welcome back and core support for breastfeeding."

The article goes on to say, "Other potential benefits of a wrap include alleviating pain related to a C-section. One small recent study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that women who wore a binder after having a C-section experienced less pain, suggesting that a postpartum belly wrap might be a good (non-opioid) way to deal with postpartum pain. Other research backs that idea suggesting a binder could help with pain, with no significant difference in bleeding, allowing new mamas to focus more on feeding and bonding and less on being distracted by pain."

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