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Our Upsie Belly and 2-in-1 Bandit are designed to ease backaches by redistributing belly weight and reducing the strain on your back muscles. The Upsie Belly comes with a hot/cold gel pack to help provide additional relief.

"As a busy obstetrician/gynecologist, I spend many hours a day on the problems and discomforts of pregnancy. I prescribe the [Belly Bandit®] pregnancy bands and wraps for support and to relieve back and pelvic pain."

Cindy Robbins, M.D., P.A.

Top FAQs

Is back pain a sign of early pregnancy?

It can be. While it’s not the most common early pregnancy symptom, it’s also not unusual to experience back pain in early pregnancy. From the moment you conceive, your body begins releasing hormones to prepare itself for delivery. These hormones cause your ligaments and muscles to gradually loosen and relax over time. The loss of stability can sometimes result in back pain.

When does back pain start in pregnancy?

On average, most women begin to experience back pain sometime between months 5 and 7 of pregnancy when your belly starts to grow especially large and puts more of a strain on your lower back muscles. However, every woman and every pregnancy is different, so don’t be surprised if you start to have back pain sooner or later than you expected.

Is back pain normal during early pregnancy?

Yes! In fact, some women have reported feeling back pain as early as the first month of pregnancy. If you were overweight before becoming pregnant or had back pain previously, then you are more likely to experience back pain early on in pregnancy.

What does back pain feel like in early pregnancy?

Back pain usually starts out as general muscle stiffness or tenderness, particularly in the area of your lower back. As time goes on, you may find this pain changes into a dull ache or even a sharp, burning sensation at times.

When should I worry about back pain in pregnancy?

If your back pain is severe, especially if it comes on suddenly or is accompanied by additional symptoms like a fever or vaginal bleeding, then it’s time to consult your physician.

How do I ease back pain during pregnancy?

The majority of back pain in pregnancy is a result of muscle fatigue, so the best way to ease the pain is to take care of your muscles. Regular stretching and exercise can help both treat and prevent back pain by keeping your muscles active and engaged so they are less likely to become stiff. Many cases of minor back pain can also be eased through ice or heat therapy using a hot/cold gel pack. Another great way to ease back pain is by wearing a pregnancy support band. Pregnancy support bands help distribute the weight of your belly, taking some of the burden off of your tired back muscles.

How do I sleep with back pain during pregnancy?

The best way to sleep when you have back pain during your pregnancy is on your side. Laying down on your side takes pressure off of your lower back and aligns your spine so back muscles can fully relax. Many women also find it helpful to place a pillow between their knees to help keep their hips aligned and make the position more comfortable.

About Maternity Products for Back Pain

How do Belly Bandit Products Help With Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Belly Bandit products help to prevent and ease back pain during pregnancy by targeting its most common cause: muscle fatigue. Belly Bandit products are designed to provide extra support to the muscles who need it most by helping to distribute belly weight more evenly, encourage better posture, and promote healthy blood flow.

Belly Bandit Products for Back Pain Relief

There are tons of Belly Bandit products that help with back pain in pregnancy! Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Upsie Belly® Pregnancy Support Band - this pregnancy band gently lifts your belly to redistribute your weight and give your lower back muscles a break. And, it comes with a hot/cold gel pack that perfectly fits into a pocket on the pregnancy band to help soothe achy lower back muscles.
  • Maternity Compression Tights - constructed with medical grade compression, these leggings encourage healthy blood flow to all muscles from the waist down while gently supporting your belly with built-in, grow-with-you belly support.
  • S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow - the right sleeping position can make all the difference. With one wedge pillow to support your belly and another behind your back, this pillow helps you rest easy knowing your body is perfectly positioned for maximum relief and comfort.