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Wrapping with Lifestyle Blogger Falynn Elizabeth!
Wrapping with Lifestyle Blogger Falynn Elizabeth!

Wrapping with Lifestyle Blogger Falynn Elizabeth!

If you have been on the fence about getting a postpartum belly wrap… go for it!! I received the Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap by Belly Bandit and it was a game changer after I had Max!

As some of you know, I had a C-section with Eric and this time around I wanted a VBAC… and was successful! I didn’t get a Belly Wrap after I had Eric, and I regretted it! Many of my cousins who had babies got them and said how helpful they were. After giving birth, whether it’s vaginal or C-section, our insides are all out of whack!

Here are just a few reasons why I love my Belly Bandit Belly Wrap!


I would buy this product simply because it helped my back so much!!! Carrying and chasing around a toddler is not easy while also taking care of a newborn, it really takes a toll on your body! Wearing my Viscose Belly Bandit Belly Wrap was a lifesaver! At the end of the day when I was in Eric’s room rocking him to sleep, I couldn’t help but notice how supported my back felt. After having a baby all of your muscles are out of whack, Belly Bandit saved the day not only with my back but my stomach muscles as well. After my C-section I felt like Jell-O!! It was the worst, and no one had told me about how key bellybands were, so I had no idea what to do. I felt like crap for weeks until I started to get my muscle strength back, which was not the case this time! I felt better after about a week of wearing my Belly Bandit Belly Wrap. It was so nice to not feel like my insides weren’t all over the place!

Confidence Booster

So, obviously your stomach isn’t flat after birth… even the tiniest person takes a few weeks or so to go back to normal. Getting into pre-pregnancy pants is usually out of reach for awhile… but I was back in my jeans after two weeks with the help of Belly Bandit! It was a great feeling! Now, I am not saying I had a flat stomach, because that was not the case. I wore the Belly Wrap with the jeans and it helped suck me in. Definitely a confidence booster!


After having a baby, wearing something that is tight around your stomach doesn’t sound super appealing, but I had absolutely no problem with thisBelly Wrap! It was comfortable and I was able to move around while also working on my postpartum body. I wore the Belly Wrap almost the whole day and sometimes slept in it too.

I definitely think a  Belly Wrap is a MUST HAVE for postpartum recovery! If you are pregnant now make sure you go and get one before your sweet babe makes its entrance! Thank you Belly Bandit for such an amazing product!

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