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Summer Lovin'!
Summer Lovin'!

Summer Lovin'!

Ladies, it may be hard to believe but summer is officially here! Yes, that means beach days with the kiddos, picnics with friends and family and date nights with your partner. Don’t let your bump (or your postpartum bod) stop you from living it up during these wonderful sun-filled months!

See how other mamas are soaking up summer in Belly Bandit style.  Click on images to shop!

Perfect Nursing Dress - Can be worn during and after pregnancy! 
B.D.A. Leggings - Leggings to Live In! 
2-in-1 Bandit - Belly support and Postpartum Hip Wrap
'Don't Sweat It' Bra Liner - Say Goodbye to Boob Sweat! 
Mother Tucker Leggings - Dress to Compress

So grab your sunscreen and start snapping photos rocking your Belly Bandit gear - share them on social with the hashtag #bellybandit and we'll be sure to repost. 

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