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New Year…New Leggings!
New Year…New Leggings!

New Year…New Leggings!

It’s a new year, Mama!

And it’s official: 2020, possibly the worst year ever, is now over. And 2021 means…no more quarantines, viruses, or eating all that ice cream past midnight…well, not exactly!

This year we may hope for new beginnings and brighter days, but we are going into 2021 much like we left 2020; hopeful for a return to normalcy but genuinely concerned for the future.

One thing is for sure, the pandemic life has many of us looking in the mirror and trying to accept ourselves a little bit more. The t-shirts that we wore EVERY day, the not-ready-for-zoom meeting skin, the polish-free nails, and of course the messy bun have been mainstays during these uncertain times.

But is there really one item of clothing that exemplifies quarantine life more than leggings? We don’t think so! From work calls to feeding the kids to taking a nap, leggings have been our go-to wardrobe staple. And nothing provides that comfortable, no-fuss look we need to make our way through these crazy times more than our fave legwear! And when it comes to leggings, we’ve got you covered!

Our Mother Tucker Leggings are so Mother Tuckin’ good…. Why? Well, they smooth from the waist down, and the tummy compression keeps you looking and feeling your best even on the toughest days. And yes, they hold up well, wash after wash after wash.

Of course, when you are looking to add a little something, something to your everyday leggings game, the Mother Tucker Moto Leggings and Mother Tucker Active Capris will provide just the sporty style to make you the envy of all the women at Trader Joes! They both offer great compression, loads of stylish detail, and our No-Show Tush, which is something we can ALL get behind!

And of course, when you’re ready to really shine…here come our Ciré Smoothing Leggings. Glossy, super-sleek, and figure FLAT-tering, these leggings are perfect from work out to going out…even if going out means a trip to the mailbox.

Pregnancy can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. Everything from your prenatal checkups to delivery day can be the cause of stress and anxiety. That’s why deciding what to wear should be one less thing to concern yourself with. Our solution? Yep, leggings!

Our Bump Support Leggings are designed with built-in belly support that grows with you! You’ll absolutely get the LIFT you need and the comfort you deserve. Oh, and the WonderWeave™ material will keep lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin…ahhh!!!

Listen, we know it’s not an easy time, and leggings (even ours!) can only do so much! But we hope that the comfort and ease they provide will have you walking into the New Year with one less thing to worry about! More importantly, we hope that 2021 is the year you focus on your health and well-being. Your family will take center stage but finding time for yourself is so important.

Here at Belly Bandit HQ, we want you to know that we’re here to ease your motherhood journey. You’re not alone…you’ve got this…and perhaps, you’ve got some new leggings, too!