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Postpartum Healing Tips!
Postpartum Healing Tips!

Postpartum Healing Tips!

Every woman's postpartum experience is different but these tips from Laura aka PR Boss Babe - just might make your life a little easier! 

My Postpartum Body HEALING Recovery Tips:

  • Continue applying lotion/oils on your belly to help tighten loose skin: I apply aloe vera in the am and coconut/olive oil mix at night.
  • Continue doing kegels and/or pelvic floor exercises
  • Have padsicles ready: I didn’t use mine more than a day because I didn’t need them but I had them ready. Frozen pads with Aloe Vera, witch hazel, and lavender!
  • Do postpartum baths with herbal infusions: helps speed recovery, heal, eases soreness and relaxes! Recipe a few posts back - lasts preggo photos. You can also do a sitz bath with the infusion instead.
  • Don’t start working on your core until your health advisor gives you green light.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins daily & drinking red raspberry leaf tea (It helps to increase breast milk supply, helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size and helps reduce postpartum depression)

And a tip from BB HQ - get yourself a Belly Wrap to give your body the postpartum support it needs! 

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