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5 Creative & Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy
5 Creative & Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

5 Creative & Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is only nine months. So while pregnancy may feel like it lasts a lifetime, in reality, nine months is over in the blink of an eye. One day you may be experiencing sleepless nights, while the next, it seems like you are walking your son or daughter down the aisle on their wedding day. Your pregnancy journey is a unique experience for you, and documenting it will ensure you don't forget a single detail from that special time. In addition, your child may appreciate the keepsake to remember their time in the womb. 

How do I document my pregnancy?

There are many ways to document your pregnancy. Some require more planning and consistency than others. However you decide to document your pregnancy, these memories will last a lifetime for you and your baby as they grow up. Below is a list of creative and fun ways to document your pregnancy journey. Nine months may seem like a long time, but it will be over before you know it. 

5 Creative & Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy Journey

Keep a pregnancy journal

Journaling is one of the most intimate ways to document your pregnancy. Significant changes happen to your body and mind as you prepare for the birth of a new life. If you love writing in a journal, then keeping a pregnancy journal may be the right avenue. Not sure where to get started? There are many resources and templates online to help guide you on where to begin. You may choose to have a blank journal and let that be your canvas or choose a template to help provide you with questions and spots to place pictures. Either way, a journal is a personal and beautiful way to document your pregnancy for your baby to enjoy as they grow up.

Create a blog

A blog is an easy and creative way to share your pregnancy journey with family near and far away. In addition, sharing your story may feel very empowering for women who can relate and connect to your pregnancy story. Creating a blog is easy with three simple steps. 

Step 1: 

Sign up using a blogger platform. 

Step 2:

Design your blog's webpage and how you want it to look to the public. 

Step 3:

Narrow down the types of topics and the goal of your blog. 

Write to your baby

Writing letters to your baby throughout pregnancy may help you create a better connection to your baby in the womb. Writing letters is similar to keeping a journal, but it is personalized toward your unborn child. In the letter to your baby, you may want to share experiences and places you went. Maybe you want to share your hopes for how they grow up in the world. These letters are something your baby will cherish for years to come. 

Pregnancy progress photos

Pregnancy progression photos are a fun way to document your belly as it grows. Some women choose to do weekly photographs or month-by-month photos. Be sure to set a reminder on your phone so you do not miss any precious moments of your pregnancy growth. 

Here are some creative ideas to take a simple photo to the next level:

  • Wear the same outfit throughout every progress photo. Not only would that make a unique timelapse, but it will also help show progression easier as the outfit will fit differently as your belly grows in size. 
  • Use a chalkboard to display your current pregnancy week or month. You can hold the chalkboard, have your spouse hold it, or place it on the ground by your feet. 
  • Letterboards have become increasingly popular due to the ease of access to change letters, the professional design, and they're reusable without being messy to clean. 
  • Get other family members in the photos, such as the spouse or baby's siblings. 
  • Use printable milestone cards. Some milestone cards are free to download online and print on your home computer. 
  • Create a black-and-white photo silhouette of your bump progress. Black and white photos show the most contrast, which may help showcase your bump progress.

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos are trendy among pregnant moms. These photos are often taken during the third trimester. Some women incorporate their family, such as a spouse and child, in the images. However you decide to take maternity photos, it is important to find a photographer with a similar photo style to you who can accommodate the location of your choice. 

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Closing thoughts

We take photographs to remember precious moments we don’t want to forget. There is something so powerful about being able to peek back at a photograph or a letter and experience the flood of memories come back to life in our minds. Pregnancy is no exception to how beautiful a memory may be, no matter how big or small. Cherish those moments because one day it may be a distant memory.