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Do postpartum belly wraps work?
Do postpartum belly wraps work?

Do postpartum belly wraps work?

Over nine months, your body goes through miraculous changes to accommodate the growth of a new baby. After delivery, it takes at least six weeks for your uterus and abdomen to shrink to their original size. During this time, some women have found it beneficial to wear a postpartum belly wrap to aid the body in recovery. According to many studies, belly wraps provide many benefits to promote healing, decrease swelling, and support your body as you move. 

What are postpartum belly wraps?

Postpartum belly wraps are shapewear products designed to be worn around your abdomen to help support your body's healing after birth. 

What is the purpose of a belly wrap?

After delivery, your body may need extra support to help jumpstart healing. A postpartum belly wrap applies gentle compression to reduce swelling and aid in shrinking your uterus to its original size post-birth. Many medical professionals suggest belly wraps for the first six weeks. If you have a cesarean section, belly wraps may also benefit you. 

Benefits of belly wraps after pregnancy

After childbirth, belly wraps have several advantages. Women have been practicing belly wrapping for centuries due to the benefits of wearing a postpartum belly wrap.

One of the most important benefits of belly wrapping is the ability to support your weakened pelvic muscles. During pregnancy, your pelvic floor weakens to accommodate your growing belly. A belly wrap provides stable compression to help you move around and strengthen your pelvic muscles and ligaments. 

Wearing a postpartum belly wrap is very beneficial for women who had a cesarean birth. A belly wrap may reduce swelling and promote healing. In addition, the belly wrap may provide additional protection for your incision. 

Belly Wraps are also beneficial postpartum: 

  • May help speed up the process of shrinking your uterus faster.
  • May help promote the movement of internal organs that shifted out of place to accommodate the baby. 
  • May help expel excess fluid more quickly.
  • May help promote better posture. 
  • May help relieve pain
  • May help promote blood circulation.
  • May help reduce swelling.
  • May reduce the possibility of developing Diastasis Recti. 

Do postpartum belly wraps really work?

Postpartum belly wraps have been around for centuries, and because of their many advantages, it is still used worldwide today. Traditionally, belly wraps consisted of a thin cloth that was wrapped firmly around the abdomen and tightened as the abdomen decreased in size. While traditional belly wrapping is still popular today, the wrapping technique can be time-consuming for some women. So, we made it a mission to turn the science and art of wrapping into functional modern practice.

Best Postpartum Belly Wraps

Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

Our postpartum belly wrap was developed to help support and slim your belly, waist, and hips after delivery. As your waist gets smaller, you can tighten the compression on our belly wrap up to 9 inches. In addition, abdominal compression may speed up your healing process and provide your core muscles with the necessary postpartum support.

2-in-1 Hip Bandit™ A Maternity Belly Support Band & Hip Wrap

Our 2-in-1 Bandit is multifunctional because it is beneficial during pregnancy and postpartum. 

This band can be positioned below the belly during pregnancy to support the belly and help relieve pelvic pain, reduce bladder strain, and support the belly during physical activity.

Your pelvic muscles and associated ligaments are fragile after delivery and may need support to heal properly. By gently compressing your pelvic region, this band helps stabilize it.

Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap

Our Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap utilizes traditional postpartum wrapping techniques but was created with comfort in mind. The wrap is made from bamboo viscose, allowing for softness and gentleness against the skin. 

B.F.F. Belly Wrap

Our B.F.F. Belly Wrap is the best friend we all need after birth. It features a compression core made with viscose from bamboo to ensure the fabric is soft against your skin. Targeting your belly with gentle compression has many benefits, such as strengthening your core muscles, easing back pain, and providing comfort after a c-section. 

Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap

Our Luxe Belly Wrap provides the highest level of postpartum support and compression. In addition, it is offered in two lengths to enable the most customized compression and the perfect fit for various body shapes. Our Luxe Belly Wrap differs from the original belly wrap because it offers more abdominal coverage and targeted compression and features our Stayput® technology to ensure it moves with your body to minimize creasing and increase mobility. 

Are there any risks associated with using postpartum belly wraps?

The biggest downside of wearing a postpartum belly wrap is the need for consistency. To experience the full benefit of a belly wrap, you may need to wear it every day for six weeks. 

Postpartum belly wraps may feel uncomfortable, especially while you are adjusting to wearing one postpartum. If you find that wearing a belly wrap feels uncomfortable, consider starting slow and wearing it for a few hours at a time until you can wear one all day. 

Ultimately the choice is yours. Using a postpartum belly wrap has substantial benefits and some drawbacks as well. Women have been wearing them for centuries because of the advantages it provides. Consider the pros and cons before deciding if postpartum belly wraps are best for your postpartum journey. 

Why shop Belly Bandit? 

Our products have been created over a ten-year period to guarantee that they have a wide range of wear, are multipurpose, and are made of proprietary fabrics for comfort and all-day wear. 


Our wonder weave technology allows for lotions and creams to stay on your body and not rub off onto your belly wrap. 

Power Compress Core™

Our wraps feature the ultimate compression while allowing for stretch to move with your body. It's like the gentle hug your body needs to help support your weakened pelvic muscles during recovery. 

Muffinology® Technology

The technology allows for different compression levels, utilizing a lightweight, breathable fabric. Say no to creases and muffin top with this technology. 

Closing Thoughts

Postpartum belly wraps provide many advantages after delivery, especially if you had a cesarean section. However, it is important to note that belly wraps are not a weight loss alternative and may not help you lose weight. If worn correctly, postpartum belly wraps may reduce pain, reduce swelling, and promote healing. Contact your medical care professional to determine if a postpartum belly wrap is safe and effective for you after delivery.