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Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Expecting Mothers
Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Expecting Mothers

Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Expecting Mothers

During pregnancy, all you really want is comfort and support 24/7. Oh yeah, and a healthy pregnancy, of course. Taking care of your body can start to feel like a full time job while you’re pregnant. Thankfully, there are plenty of products to help you -  like supportive leggings and clothing which can have major benefits during pregnancy. Interested in taking a pair for a spin? Let’s learn a little bit more about compression leggings.

Can you wear compression leggings while pregnant?

If you haven’t discovered compression leggings for pregnancy, you’re missing out. Sorry, but it’s true! Compression leggings can be worn while pregnant, and are recommended for most women. It’s rare that we find products that are desirable and beneficial too, so don’t sleep on these bad gals. As you shop for the perfect compression leggings, make sure they are designed for pregnancy. For a wide selection of compression leggings and shorts designed specifically for pregnancy, shop Belly Bandit. A comfortable pair of compression leggings can take you from work to dinner and out for an evening stroll. They are one of the most versatile clothing items for a pregnant woman, aside from a solid t-shirt to pair them with. Looking good and feeling your best are two important things during pregnancy. Compression leggings can make pregnancy more enjoyable and comfortable too.

What do compression leggings do in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women are at a higher risk for developing blood clots in the lower legs. The risk increases when you sit for long periods of time. Whether you’re at work, in the car, or sitting anywhere else for extended periods, compression leggings can help prevent blood clots. Compression leggings improve blood flow, reduce varicose veins, and decrease swelling during pregnancy. Keep in mind that maternity shapewear is different from traditional shapewear. If you are wearing compression leggings during pregnancy make sure they are designed for pregnancy. 

Recommended compression leggings for expecting mothers:

We are always thinking about how to design the best products for maternity and postpartum, so of course we offer a top-rated collection of compression leggings and shapewear items. All of our leggings are made with WonderWeave™ material that keeps lotions and creams on your body to help fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin. Here are some of our best-selling compression leggings for expecting mothers: 

Maternity Bump Support™ Leggings

Designed for during and after pregnancy, Belly Bandit’s Maternity Bump Support™ Leggings offer mid-compression levels and plenty of support. They can be worn over or under your bump, so you can choose what feels best. Available in navy, steel, and black you can mix up your style and make these a staple wardrobe item.

B.D.A.™ Maternity Leggings

If you really want to get your money’s worth, order our B.D.A.™ Maternity Leggings. Designed for before, during, and after pregnancy, you won’t want to take these off. They are a comfortable, soft, and seamless legging that every momma’s wardrobe must-have.

Bump Support™ Capri Leggings

Offering mid-grade compression paired with mid-to-high support, Belly Bandit’s Bump Support™ Capri Leggings are designed with built-in belly support for hot and cool days. These capri leggings support and smooth your belly for a flawless fit.

Maternity Compression Tights

Designed with graduated, medical grade compression to energize your legs, improve circulation, and help prevent varicose veins, Belly Bandit delivers the best compression leggings for pregnancy. Featuring a no-roll top and breathable cotton-blend gusset., our compression tights are comfortable and supportive. You’ll love the gentle arch support (without restricting toe movement)!

Which leggings are best during pregnancy?

We all have our favorite pair of leggings. While they may fit during pregnancy, they may not offer the benefits that compression leggings can offer. Belly Bandit is a brand dedicated to delivering the best products for mom’s all over the world. Made by women for women, our solution-based maternity and postpartum support products are one of a kind. Differentiated by our collection of proprietary fabrics (developed over ten years) ensures that our products have multi-wear, multi-function, and multi-stage use.

Tips for choosing compression leggings

When you fall in love with leggings, you want to wear them every chance you get. Therefore, our number one tip for choosing compression leggings is shop for quality. Here are some tips to help you choose the best compression leggings:

  • Choose a brand that specializes in maternity shapewear
  • Check reviews
  • Ask your mom-friends for recommendations
  • Pay attention to the details and material 

Are maternity compression leggings a good idea?

For most expecting mothers, compression leggings are a good idea that can be beneficial. During pregnancy and postpartum, you may not feel so hot. Compression leggings can give you a boost of confidence while benefiting your health and promoting a healthy pregnancy. Leggings can be worn for lounging or going out, so there’s no doubt that you’ll get plenty of use of them.  While compression leggings are generally recommended, if you have any concerns, you should check with your doctor before wearing.

At the end of the day, every pregnancy experience is unique to the woman going through it, but some things are universal. During pregnancy your body produces 50% more body fluid. This can result in discomfort and dissatisfaction with your body. As you try to find normalcy, you’ll want to have clothing that makes you feel better and looks good too. Compression leggings can help expecting mothers feel supported while providing some relief. As a mom you’ll want to join the Belly Bandit fan club. From compression leggings to nursing bras, Belly Bandit offers a collection of products designed by women, for women. From our WonderWeave™ material to no-roll top, our maternity leggings are all you ever dreamed of and more.

Relief starts here. . .shop Belly Bandit’s complete maternity shapewear collection!