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Best Gifts for New Moms
Best Gifts for New Moms

Best Gifts for New Moms

If you are a seasoned mom or even someone who has not had children, finding the perfect gift for a new mom can be challenging. Every year, it seems as though new and improved products are coming out, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. 

Choosing the right gift for a new mom doesn’t have to be as difficult as it appears. So many people focus on getting items for the baby that they forget to treat the mom to something special or needed during her pregnancy and recovery. Maternity and postpartum products for new moms are an amazing gesture that every mom will be grateful for. 

What does a new mom need during postpartum recovery?

In addition to lack of sleep, a new mom’s body is going through many changes. During pregnancy, a woman's uterus grows 500 times its size. During postpartum, a woman's uterus slowly shrinks back to its original size. As the uterus grows due to the baby growing, it can put a lot of pressure and pain  on the pelvis and lower back. Also, during recovery, ligaments, joints, and muscles weaken and need extra support while they heal from pregnancy and delivery. If a woman has a c-section, her recovery tends to be a lot harder and needs extra support as she heals. Postpartum products are designed with the new mom in mind. Every woman deserves extra support, and these products will offer just that. 

Best Gifts for New Moms

Mother Tucker® Postpartum Compression Leggings

Mother Tucker Postpartum Compression Leggings utilizes Belly Bandits world-famous compression technology. These high-waisted leggings offer compression in the belly, butt, and legs. They have breathable fabric, which will leave you feeling snug from your abdomen down to your legs. Compression is essential for postpartum because it helps promote healing. In addition, the compression provides additional support to help with pain, reduce swelling, and increase blood flow. The Mother Tucker leggings are also great for post-c-section moms because they are gentle while still providing the 360-degree compression that every new mom would benefit from.

Luxe Belly Wrap

The luxe belly wrap is the most customizable belly wrap that Belly Bandit offers. This Belly wrap comes in 2 torso heights and customizable closures to conform to your body. The Wrap has Stayput™ technology which allows the wrap to stay in place while you go about your day. This garment is perfect for the first 6 to 10+ weeks after delivery. The body contouring panels are designed to provide core and back support. 

Mother Tucker® Capri Leggings

Let’s  talk about those postpartum active moms who can’t wait to hit the gym. The Mother Tucker Capri leggings offer all the benefits of the mother tucker leggings but with the active mom in mind. These leggings are Capri length which is perfect for all weather. They have a high waist to keep nursing discreet when you’re out and about, and to provide full tummy coverage. The breathable knit is helpful for those workout sweats and holds its shape after every wash. They are perfect for postpartum wear from delivery and on. If you are not ready to hit the gym, no problem. They are perfect for lounge days as well. 

B.D.A.™ Bra For Maternity Support & Nursing

Nursing as a new mom can be unique, it can be hard, emotional and yet beautiful at the same time. There is so much to focus on as a nursing mom such as latching, form and milk production. Don’t let finding the right bra be another hurdle. . The B.D.A. Bra does not  get its name for no reason. Any new mom would fall in love with this nursing bra. This bra offers total comfort with no wires, no snaps, no clasps just a super simple pull-over!  The wide bottom band features a secure, supportive fit for all body types. This nursing bra is not just for the nursing mom either. It is fantastic as a postpartum sleep bra. 

C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies

Being a new mom comes with further lifestyle adjustments such as lack of sleep, creating a new daily routine, and lots of diapers and late-night feedings. Healing from a c-section can make these adjustments to motherhood more tiresome and difficult. C- section & Postpartum Recovery Underwear are the perfect undies for a c-section mom. Not only do c-section moms have weakened muscles, but they have an incision and stitches from surgery as well. This underwear offers stable compression to support weakened muscles and helps reduce swelling. The underwear has breathable fabric to allow your incision to breathe and provide protection to promote healing. In addition, the underwear has silver-infused yarns in the front panel to help minimize the possibility of bacteria or odor. 

Maternity Compression Socks

During pregnancy, blood volume increases by 50% on average. While you may not feel the need to wear compression socks until you notice swelling in your legs or feet, prevention is vital. As the baby grows, the body starts to retain water which is normal and expected. However, that causes the swelling in your legs and feet, especially during traveling or standing for long periods. The compression socks help alleviate the swelling by providing even compression throughout the calves down to the toes. These socks will improve blood circulation and redirect the blood supply from the legs and feet to the heart. In addition, maternity compression socks feature a scalloped edge to eliminate  digging, seamless toe for optimal comfort, and silver-infused material to help eliminate bacteria and odors. Making this the perfect gift for a pregnant mom.

Why new moms choose Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit supports a mom from pregnancy throughout postpartum and beyond. This company was founded by three sisters. They all share the love and compassion that goes into empowering all women during and after pregnancy to feel their absolute best. They proudly hold their name as the “sister-preneurs of shapewear” and did just that. With  an array of unique  postpartum wraps and binders, innovative maternity wear, leak resistant and leakproof underwear to shapewear. Belly Bandit will ensure that no pregnant mom goes without all the essentials she needs for a smooth pregnancy and recovery. 

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