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Are Belly Wraps Safe After C-Section?
Are Belly Wraps Safe After C-Section?

Are Belly Wraps Safe After C-Section?

Every day, about one-third of all births in the United States are delivered via c-section. Some women elect for a c-section, while for others, it is their only option for delivery. Whatever your birth plan, preparing for a c-section and recovery may help you feel less anxious about needing a c-section birth. Like a vaginal birth, c-sections require 6-8 weeks of healing time. Belly wraps are not only suggested by many doctors, but they are very safe to wear after a c-section. Belly wraps work by providing consistent compression to your abdomen. By applying compression, they promote healing, reduce swelling, support your weak muscles, and help support your c-section incision. Consider adding a Belly Bandit Belly wrap to your postpartum checklist. 

What are belly wraps?

Belly wraps have become increasingly popular in America. However, the tradition of belly wraps has been around for thousands of years in other parts of the world. Traditionally, belly wraps were made of cloth wrapped tightly around a woman’s abdomen after birth. Belly wraps are used to reduce swelling, promote healing, and decrease the risk of Diastasis Recti. 

Many doctors and OBGYNs today suggest belly wraps. They offer consistent compression to reduce swelling and inflammation and promote healing. Belly wraps are safe for women after birth. They are also safe for women who have had c-sections. 

Should you wear a belly wrap after a c-section?

Belly wraps provide many benefits for women who are healing from a c-section. After birth, your abdominal muscles are weakened and stretched. A belly wrap safely provides compression to help support weakened muscles and aid in healing in the abdomen. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, the hormone Relaxin stays in your system longer; therefore many women find it beneficial to belly wrap for six weeks or longer after birth. Relaxin is a hormone that relaxes your muscles, ligaments, and joints to make room for the baby and help aid during childbirth. 

Are belly wraps safe to use after a c-section?

Belly wraps are very safe to use after a c-section. There are no downsides to belly wrapping if you wear it correctly. A belly wrap should be snug but not too restrictive. Many belly wraps come in various lengths to fit your torso height and are suggested by many doctors for use after birth. Many women can start wearing a belly wrap as soon as they leave the hospital or when they feel comfortable. It is important to get clearance from your doctor when you can start wearing a belly wrap. 

Benefits of belly wraps post c-section: 

  • Reduces swelling after surgery 
  • Relieves back pain 
  • Improves posture
  • Supports weakened muscles 
  • May aid in Diastasis Recti recovery after pregnancy
  • Reduces discomfort after a c-section

Tips for wearing a belly wrap safely during c section recovery

Always check with your medical doctor to get clearance to wear a belly wrap after a c-section. A belly wrap should never restrict breathing or cause redness when worn. Wearing a belly wrap that is too tight can slow the healing process and cause too much pressure on your c-section incision. Many women find that wearing a c-section belly wrap may be more comfortable wearing the wrap to direct skin contact helps support your incision during healing. Be sure to remove your belly wrap when you sleep or take a shower. If you notice any irritation from your belly wrap, consider working your way up to all-day wear. Start with a few hours and work your way up until you can wear it continuously for 8 to 12 hours at a time. Many women find it useful to wear a belly wrap after a c-section for 6 to 8 weeks. 

Do c-section belly wraps really work?

Adjusting to a new routine with a new baby may be overwhelming, but healing doesn’t have to feel that way. Belly wraps after a c-section are very safe and have no downsides to wear. A belly wrap has been used for centuries around the world. So it is no wonder why doctors recommend belly wraps after birth. Research has shown that belly wraps may help reduce swelling and promote healing. Belly wraps work by offering compression to your abdomen and promoting the uterus to return to its original size. A belly wrap may also help reduce the risk of Diastasis Recti.

While you are breastfeeding, you still produce the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin relaxes your ligaments and muscle to prepare for your growing belly. Wearing a belly wrap after birth helps support your ligaments and joints while they are still weak. 

If worn correctly, a belly wrap after a c-section is very safe. 

Belly Bandit Belly Wraps

Belly Bandit takes the inspiration they found from centuries-old traditions of belly binding to create their belly wraps. In 2008, three sisters worked together to create a doctor-recommended belly wrap made with the highest quality fabrics. With over ten years of dedication and time, they ensured that their belly wraps are multi-wear, multi-function, and multi-stage use. 

Every Belly wrap is adjustable to meet your compression needs. It shrinks with you as your uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size. In addition, every Belly Wrap comes with stay-put technology to ensure that your wrap does not slide down while you move around. Belly Wraps are safe and effective after a c-section. Belly Bandit is the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand for Maternity and Postpartum Support Products. Women created Belly Bandit for women to ensure you feel your best during your postpartum recovery.