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8 Maternity Clothing Items You Need During Pregnancy
8 Maternity Clothing Items You Need During Pregnancy

8 Maternity Clothing Items You Need During Pregnancy

Choosing the best products during pregnancy doesn't have to be a challenge. During pregnancy, we often get lost in the doctor's appointments and nesting for the baby, forgetting what support our body needs during pregnancy. Below are the top products during pregnancy that many new moms found helpful.

8 Best Maternity Clothes (& Accessories) You Need During Pregnancy

2 in 1 Hip Bandit® Pregnancy Support Band

The 2-in-1 Hip Bandit™ belly wrap provides the extra support you need during your second and third trimesters. How quickly your belly grows will help determine how early in pregnancy you may want the additional support. The 2 in 1 band is designed to gently lift up your belly and redistribute the weight. Too much weight on your pelvic joints may cause back pain, muscle strain, and pressure on your bladder. This wrap supports your back muscles and alleviates pelvic pain by decreasing the mobility of your weakened pelvic joints. The 2 in 1 belly wrap has your back throughout pregnancy, ensuring you have increased postural stability and reduced discomfort during exercise. 

Thighs Disguise Maternity Support Shorts

As your belly grows, you may begin to notice the need to find comfortable wear that gives you support where you need it most. The thighs in disguise maternity shorts gently lift your belly to relieve pressure off your pelvic joints while preventing thigh chafing and leaving you with a smooth appearance. In addition, these shorts are designed with WonderWeave technology to keep you cool while sealing in lotions and creams applied to your belly, such as stretch mark cream. You may pair these shorts with other belly wraps for extra pregnancy support

      Belly Boost™ Pregnancy Support Wrap

      The Belly Boost Pregnancy Support wrap provides lift and support where you need it most. The wrap gently lifts your belly to relieve strain off your pelvic muscles and ligaments. Made with breathable knit and WonderWeave technology, ensure your lotions and creams stay on your skin and do not dissolve into the fabric. Many women find this Belly Boost Pregnancy Support Wrap helpful as they navigate into their third trimester when they feel the weight and strain of their belly the most.

      Perfect Nursing Tee

      Nursing in public may be challenging while trying to stay discrete and comfortable. With this buttery-soft nursing tee, you will be able to nurse in public with ease. The t-shirt features a hidden second layer of fabric that allows easy nursing access so you can nurse without worrying about anyone else seeing what is under your shirt. Simply pull up the first layer of cloth to reveal hidden nursing access on either side of the top. In addition, this top comes in 3 different colors to make the perfect staple in your closet. Finally, you don't need to wait until birth to add this top to your wardrobe. This top may also be worn during pregnancy, with rounded hems to provide comfort while covering your bump.

        S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

        The position in which you sleep is essential, especially during your second and third trimesters. A major blood vessel near the spine may get compressed by your uterus if you sleep on your back. The S.O.S Side Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge pillow reduces the risk of compressing the major blood vessel by helping you sleep on your side, which is the safest position during pregnancy. The wedge has three foam pieces that adjust as your belly grows. In addition, the wedge includes a travel case to ensure you get the best sleep wherever you may be. Ditch those bulky pregnancy pillows that take up too much space and opt for the S.O.S Side Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge.

        Silicone Skin Defense

        Say goodbye to those messy gels and lotions, and say hello to Silicone Skin Defense Patches. These Patches not only replace the need for cream and gels but are also reusable and last up to 15 washes. In addition, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that Silicone sheets may reduce the size and appearance of raised scars. This is because the sheets are discrete, latex-free,  and act as an oxygen-permeable barrier to allow the skin to breathe while keeping the nutrients and moisture from drying out. Silicone Skin Defense Patches may be worn during pregnancy and after birth.

          Bump Support™ Capri Leggings

          The Bump Support Capri Leggings offer all the style and fashion of maternity leggings while featuring the support and comfort you need during pregnancy. The leggings have ribbed paneling to provide light support to your belly. In addition, the compression throughout the waist allows for a smooth and shaping look from the waist down. These leggings are the perfect multitasker and may be worn under or over your belly for customized comfort.

          Maternity Compression Socks

          Compression socks are beneficial to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the blood volume increases up to 50 percent, which may increase water retention. Water retention may cause swelling in your legs and feet. Compression socks help reduce swelling, improve blood flow, and minimize fatigue. Belly Bandits Maternity Compression knee-high socks provide 15-20 mm Hg of compression. In addition, there is silver-infused material to help eliminate bacteria and odor.

          Shop Belly Bandit collection of maternity wear

          Belly Bandit is different from other brands because, over ten years of development, they developed the perfect line of maternity wear. Our maternity wear is multi-wear, multi-functional, and multi-stage use. Our products feature WonderWeave™ material that helps keep lotions and creams on your body. In addition, Power Compress Core™  offers the perfect combination of stretch and compression. Lately, Muffinology technology provides shapewear that is lightweight and breathable. Belly Bandit is the one-stop shop for all your maternity and postpartum needs.