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What to Wear Postpartum [Must-Haves]
What to Wear Postpartum [Must-Haves]

What to Wear Postpartum [Must-Haves]

For first-time or seasoned moms, postpartum recovery may be a complex process with many changes and challenges. Belly Bandit gives you the right amount of TLC with little effort. They have you covered from C-Section delivery to Vaginal Delivery. Whatever your birth story, Belly Bandits' postpartum and C-Section products will leave you comfortable and confident so you can focus on your new family addition.

Best postpartum clothes & accessories for new moms

Mother Tucker® Compression Nursing Tank

The Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank features everything you could ever ask for in a nursing top. Many women love this nursing tank because it provides full belly compression and a nursing bra. In addition, the nursing tank offers easy slide-over nursing access, eliminating the need for one-handed unclasping. The knit belly band helps to smooth and shape your belly in combination with Belly Bandits Muttinology technology to provide a seamless look without any bulge. The Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank is the perfect 2-in-1 tank for postpartum and nursing.

Mother Tucker® Scoop Neck

The Mother Tucker Scoop Neck tank is the perfect shaping tank for every mother! This tank utilizes a soft, tubular knit with varying compression levels to smooth and shape your belly and waist. In addition, the Muffinology technology helps control the muffin top to create a beautiful seamless look while minimizing any back bulge. This top may be worn alone or under a shirt.

    Leakproof Nursing Bra

    The Leakproof nursing bra offers the ultimate leakproof protection while nursing. The moisture-wicking, leak-resistant fabric and leakproof pads have you covered even with the heaviest leaks. In addition, this nursing bra features removable padding for easy washing at the end of the day. Finally, the nursing bra provides easy access to nursing by utilizing adjustable straps and clasps with one hand clip down. The ultra-thin material is breathable to keep you cool and contains an antimicrobial fabric lining to reduce any odors. You may wear this bra during and after pregnancy.

      Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap

      Belly Bandit took the vision of a belly wrap and a Corset to create a patented design for the perfect Luxe Belly Wrap. One of Belly Bandits' best sellers offers two different heights to tailor to different torso lengths. In addition, the Stayput Technology will help ensure your wrap stays in place while providing targeted compression throughout the day. Proper compression is important during postpartum because of its many benefits. For example, compression helps strengthen core muscles and helps minimize abdominal separation. In addition, compression provides added comfort after a C-section, better posture, and eases back pain.

      Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

      Inspired by century-old tradition, belly wrapping has been used in different cultures throughout history. Belly Bandit is the creator of the modern day Belly Wrap craze. The Belly Wrap offers 360-degree compression and support during postpartum. In addition, up to 9" adjustability to ensure you have the proper fit as your uterus and belly size decrease. The Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Wrap helps you feel comfortable for the first 6 to 10 weeks after delivery.

        Mother Tucker® Capri Leggings

        The Mother Tucker Capri Leggings offer 360 degrees of compression while smoothing muffin top and providing support while nursing. These capris were designed for the postpartum mom on the go. The capris are perfect to wear home from the hospital as they give you proper nursing coverage and gentle compression for a c-section. There are three targeted compression zones: tummy, tush, and thighs. Each targeted compression zone ensures you get the support you need while postpartum. Compression is essential during recovery and post-c-section. With Mother Tucker Compression Capri Leggings, you may take on the day knowing that your leggings provide support and discreet nursing at any time.

          Mother Tucker® Moto Style Postpartum Compression Leggings

          Belly Bandit gained popularity for their postpartum Belly Wraps, but they also feature products such as Mother Tucker Leggings that provide desired support from your torso down through your legs. Belly Bandits' original legging is taken to a new level by combining targeted compression with the comfort of a seamless, stylish legging. This Moto-inspired legging adds a unique style and texture while providing compression, nursing, and postpartum support. In addition, the double-enforced ribbed waistband allows for discrete nursing and core support to relieve pain and help reduce swelling. These Mother Tucker Moto Leggings will leave you feeling stylish and secure throughout the day.

            C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies

            C-Section & Postpartum  Recovery Undies will come to your rescue after a c-section or vaginal delivery. You will feel protected and comfortable with targeted compression, easy hook, and eye closure while you heal after birth. In addition, the dual compression zones help reduce swelling, promote blood circulation and support your core muscles. No need to worry about your c-section incision site, the lower section of the underwear provides light compression and silver-infused fibers to promote healing and minimize odors and bacteria. The C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies are perfect to wear when you come home from the hospital and your doctor clears you to do so.

              C-Section Recovery Briefs

              These briefs give you the support where you need it most. The C- Section Recovery Briefs protect your incision while applying moderate compression. Compression is essential as it helps promote healing and reduces swelling and discomfort. The breathable fabric with silver-infused fibers will help you stay cool and fresh all day. In addition, these briefs may be worn after vaginal delivery to reduce swelling and pain.

                Postpartum recovery is not something many new moms think about. The focus is often placed on the new baby and ensuring he/she has what they need when they come home from the hospital. At times, we may forget to prepare for what we need when we get home from the hospital. Being comfortable and supported is important throughout postpartum. Take time for yourself before the baby comes and prepare for what you need to heal from delivery. Belly Bandit is always here to help you get the support you need as a new mom.