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The Belly Wraps that help slim and support your belly, waist, and hips post-pregnancy.

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Please note, determining your postpartum Belly Wrap size is not an exact science. Every ”body” is different and we do our best to ensure a proper fit. If you’re still unsure, please choose a Belly Wrap one size down and purchase an Extender.

Which Wrap Is Right For You?

Every Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap features our Latex-free Power Compress Core™.

Belly Wrap Height of Wrap Adjustability
(Length of Velcro® closure)
Material Available Colors In a Nutshell Best Choice… Price
Original 9" 6" Uncovered Power Compress Core™ Black, Nude The belly wrap that started it all features a no-nonsense design, providing a thin profile under clothing. …for the budget-conscious (or fans of simplicity!) $49.95
Couture 9" 6" Power Compress Core™ covered in a buttery smooth, printed fabric. Black Lace Print The wrap fashionable enough to wear outside your clothing. …for the fashionista. 65.95
Viscose from Bamboo 9" 6" Power Compress Core™ covered in super-soft, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial viscose made from bamboo. Black, Nude Naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial with a super-soft feel and fit. …for those with sensitive skin, and/or those recovering from a C-section. $69.95
B.F.F Belly Wrap 8" 9" (Two adjustable front closures for a custom fit.) Power Compress Core™ covered in silky soft, eco-friendly ProModal® Dark Brown, Cream Made to fit your body like a glove with patented corset-inspired design (6 support panels and 2 compression panels) wrapped in silky softness. …for those looking for a truly adjustable fit (that is also ultra-soft and eco-friendly). Recommended for those with shorter waists. $79.95