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Your First Trimester!

Your First Trimester!


First Trimester - Ready?: The first trimester is all about taking care of yourself and letting others do the same. 

This is the time to make sure you have a closet full of useful and wearable items don't break the bank! Stock up on items you can wear before, during and after your pregnancy! Check out what we suggest! 

The tank top will be a lifesaver and last you throughout your pregnancy. And on those days "bloated" is an understatement.

• Choose your Ob/Gyn carefully - they're soon to be on your speed dial. And while you're at it check out the Pregnancy Companion App! Created and written by two respected, practicing OB/GYN's, it's like having your own doctor's trusted advice right at your fingertips!

• Schedule your first prenatal visit and circle that due date on your calendar!

• Indulge! Try and get that extra hour of sleep, it will do you good and there won't be time once baby arrives! • Think of clever ways to announce your pregnancy

• Like broccoli and orange juice? Fabulous! You'll need that folic acid, a good prenatal vitamin, and 8 glasses of water a day. (Hint: To offset nausea, try taking your vitamin supplements before bedtime.)

• Start scribbling. A pregnancy journal is the place to jot down your thoughts and changes in your body - it's a great gift to yourself.

• Massage? Lunch? Movie? Yes, yes, and yes! Let your husband, mother, girlfriend, sister, brother spoil you silly!