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2nd Trimester Prepping

2nd Trimester Prepping

The 2ND trimester you must prepare, prepare prepare!

Now that your belly has POPPED it's time to give it the support it needs! Make sure you check out the Thighs Disguise, the perfect way to support your belly, smooth the tush and give you a little extra oooomph, right where you need it. Click Here>> 

• Let the world know! Share the news with friends and family. (hint: don't forget your employer. Brush up on your company's maternity leave policy, too.) 

• Develop your birth plan: Natural birth? Epidural? Doula?

• Pick your pediatrician - you may even get a lollipop on your way out!

• Need childcare? Now's a good time to check out your options.

• Get your living trust and will in order - it's not fun, but necessary.

• You'll need stylish maternity clothes & baby gear. Check out for your mommy and baby must-haves. One brand that ALWAYS tops our list is Little Giraffe. Their luxury baby blankets, clothing, bibs, gifts and more are not to be missed and for a limited time they're offering Belly Bandit customers an exclusive 15% off - Coupon Code: BELLYBANDIT14

• Sign up for childbirth classes. Everything from Lamaze to lactation.

• Exercise! Prenatal yoga, Pilates or just talking a walk is linked to easier births. Just ask your doctor!