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Fit Pregnancy with the Upsie Belly!
Fit Pregnancy with the Upsie Belly!

Fit Pregnancy with the Upsie Belly!

A big thank you to mama-to-be, DeVonna Payne, for sharing her "uplifiting" story with us! 

Well, I'm finally 36 weeks into my pregnancy and I was starting to feel even worse pain than before. Besides the additional 5lb baby growing inside my belly, I have been experiencing even worse pelvic pain with the preparation of my cervix for baby's arrival.

The best thing about the Upsie Belly is now I can get back into my 30-minute workout routine which I missed the most. I am now able to do a few reps of my maternity pregnancy routine and not feel unstable in my support. The Upsie Belly even helps with my posture for my squats and lunges which is definitely needed to help keep my gravity centered.

And after I have completed my workout, I can even add the hot/cold gel pack that comes with the Upsie Belly to help soothe my aching back during the day and/or at night which I love!!! I would totally recommend the Upsie Belly to all soon-to-be moms as a pregnancy must have!

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