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Creative Ways to Use the S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow
Creative Ways to Use the S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Creative Ways to Use the S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Any woman who has experienced pregnancy will tell you that “pregnancy tired” is very different from “normal tired.” Though it may seem odd to you that you’re so ready for a nap after having just woken up for the day, rest assured that this is a completely normal part of being pregnant. Your body is working overtime to support you and your baby, so it’s important that you rest as much as you can and not feel guilty for taking a nap when you need it. 

Resting, however, can sometimes be a challenge. A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine reported that almost all women experience poor sleep quality during their pregnancy. In fact, most of the study’s participants said they developed one or more sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome. The cause of these disorders lies in some of the most common reasons for trouble sleeping while pregnant: heartburn, backaches, leg cramps, and the frequent urge to pee brought on by a growing uterus that puts pressure on your bladder. 

All of these physical changes and symptoms can be disruptive when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. However, the biggest culprit for lack of sleep while pregnant is often mental stress. 

“I’m exhausted. Why is it taking so long to fall asleep?”

“It’s 2 AM. Why am I still awake?”

“I only slept 4 hours last night. Am I sleeping enough to keep the baby healthy?”

“What if I accidentally roll over in the middle of the night and start sleeping on my back?” 

With so many thoughts and questions tumbling around in your mind, it’s no wonder why sleep has become so elusive. 

The Best Way to Sleep While Pregnant

One thing that can help calm your fears and lower the stress associated with sleeping is knowing what the best position is for sleeping while pregnant and the potential drawbacks of sleeping in other positions. 

Medical professionals agree that the best sleeping position for pregnant women is on your side. Though you can safely alternate between right and left sides throughout the night, the left side is considered ideal. Why? Because this position allows for maximum blood flow throughout your body, which can help to reduce hemorrhoids and painful varicose veins. 

As your uterus grows to support the baby during the second and third trimesters, sleeping on your back becomes a less favorable option because your now-larger uterus sits perfectly on top of your vena cava. This vein is responsible for carrying blood to your heart so it can be reoxygenated and then circulated throughout the rest of your body. Laying on your back allows the uterus to put just enough pressure on the vein to restrict blood flow, which can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure. 

The good news is: Most women will instinctively roll back over onto their side while sleeping because their body recognizes the drop in blood pressure and naturally seeks to correct it. Now, you may be thinking, that’s comforting and all, but what if I don’t roll back over? What if I stay on my back too long? What if I keep rolling onto my back and can’t manage to stay on my side? 

No worries, Belly Bandit has got your back! 

The Belly Bandit® S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

The S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is the cure for all of your sleep-time stress. Designed to keep you securely and comfortably nestled on your side, this revolutionary pillow has three parts: a band, a back support pillow, and a pregnancy wedge. 

To use it, simply position each pillow on either side of you with the back support pillow placed comfortably against your lower back and the wedge underneath your belly. Next, attach each pillow to the velcro belt to hold them in place. This will give you the physical support your body needs to stay comfortable all night long, as well as the mental reassurance that your body will stay in place no matter what. Say goodbye to worries about waking up on your back and finally enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Made of soft jersey material and sturdy foam, each of the pillows comes with removable, machine-washable cases so you can keep your pillows smelling fresh and clean. The best part? All three pillow pieces fit into the conveniently-sized travel case so you can take your pillow with you and get the comfort you need anytime, anywhere. 

Not Just for Sleeping

And the S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow isn’t just good for sleeping! These supportive, “no-rollover” foam pillows are also great for providing extra support during other daily activities. Here are just a few ideas for creative ways you can use the S.O.S. Pillow to give yourself extra support when and where you need it most: 

  • While Working 
    Office chairs are notoriously uncomfortable. Place your wedge or back support pillow between your chair and lower back for some extra lumbar support to help ease your aches and pains. 
  • While Watching TV
    Swollen feet got you down? Use your S.O.S. Pillow to help prop your feet up on the couch while you relax and binge-watch your favorite show. 
  • While Driving 
    Stuck in traffic with back pain is no walk in the park. Give yourself something more firm to lean on than those cushy padded seats by using your S.O.S. Pillow to help improve your car’s lumbar support.  
  • While Napping 
    While great for keeping you on your side during a full night’s sleep, you can also use your S.O.S. Pillow to help ease leg and hip pain. Simply place it between your knees to help align your hips and ease the aches. 
  • While Going Through Postpartum 
    Who said you could only use your S.O.S. Pillow while pregnant? Many women find side-sleeping continues to be the most comfortable position while recovering from delivery. Use your S.O.S. Pillow to help ease after-birth discomforts and support muscles that were weakened during your pregnancy.  
  • While Nursing 
    Firm and supportive, the S.O.S. Pillow also doubles as a fantastic nursing pillow! This compact pillow can go everywhere you go and provide extra nursing support when you’re in a pinch. 

Are you ready to stop stressing and finally get a good night’s sleep? Check out Belly Bandit’s S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow for a supportive, comfortable pillow that will change your pregnancy and your life!