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Belly Notes in your 6th month

Belly Notes in your 6th month

Oh Baby, you're now in month 6 and your belly is on the move. 

Baby is growing and your waist is expanding so time to start thinking about some serious belly and back support. ENTER...the Upsie Belly. This incredibly important support band helps to minimize stretch marks, supports your back and legs, eases sciatic pain, increases circulation & blood flow as well as lifts your belly off your always-having-to-pee bladder! Make sure to buy the correct size Shop here>> 

A few items to check off of your
To-Do List will include:

• Interview pediatricians.

• Research cord blood banking. If you decide to store it or donate it, now's a good time to get informed on this potentially life-saving option.

• Start planning maternity leave - whether you work full-time or part-time, you need to know what benefits your company offers. Have your partner do the same. Paternity leave policies differ by company and are worth looking into.