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Belly Bandit delivery 9th month

Belly Bandit delivery 9th month

Oh Baby, the countdown has begun! 

Time to start packing your bag and preparing for the trip of a lifetime! Make sure your Belly Bandit Belly Wrap is in your hospital bag and don't forget if you're having a C-section we recommend our C-section undies with our ultra-soft, moisture wicking Bamboo band, it's an absolute MUST! 

You'll be seeing a lot of your doctor this month so make sure that you're on the same page about when to call them and when you should head to the hospital. A full tank of gas is also doctor recommended! 

Last minute shopping has begun and unlike the past 8 months, now it's all about you! A good nursing top is essential and we believe we have the best one on the market so order your Mother Tucker Nursing Tank. Now's the time to purchase your BELLY BANDIT if you haven't done so already. You'll want to make sure to pack it in your hospital bag. You might even consider getting your own labor and delivery gown so you can push in style! Don't forget a pair of socks - the cozier, the better. Once baby arrives, time will be at a premium, so start checking things off your list:

• Address (and stamp!) the birth announcement envelopes. 

• Cook and freeze a few meals before baby arrives (or at least stock up on your favorite take-out menus.)

• Wash and put away baby's clothing.

• Stock up on diapers - you can never have enough. Ever! 

• Most likely, you'll be pushing, carrying or wearing your baby, we recommend getting a supportive and comfy carrier. Wearing your baby is great for bonding.