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Top FAQs

What are the materials in Maternity & Nursing Bras?

You’ll want something ultra-soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking once you start nursing your baby. Our Belly Bandit bras tick all of those boxes!

What makes Belly Bandit bras different?

Three words: Soft. Breathable. Fabric. Oh, and we also might mention the one-hand, no-fuss clasp release. Belly Bandit bras are made out of the softest material, which maintains its shape and feels soothing against your (possibly very tender and inflamed!) skin.

Which Belly Bandit bra is best to wear during pregnancy?

We have two favorites: the Active Support Nursing Sports Bra and the B.D.A. Maternity Bra. The Sports Bra is designed to grow with you—a benefit that comes in handy as your breasts swell throughout your pregnancy—and it’s also super comfy. The B.D.A. Bra is also designed with your comfort in mind, and many women wear it as a sleep bra, too.

Which Belly Bandit bra is best for post pregnancy?

We love the Bandita Maternity Nursing Bra. It’s lightly padded, with seamless, removable cups that give you comfort as your milk comes in and beyond. It also sports a one-handed cup release, so you can keep that little one secure as you get ready to nurse.

When should you start wearing maternity bras?

Whenever you want to! As soon as your breasts start to swell, you’ll be looking for added comfort. After you give birth—like, seconds after—you’ll be ready to start wearing a nursing bra for extra support, so your little one can latch comfortably.

When should I buy nursing bras during pregnancy?

As soon as you feel ready! But make sure you don’t put it off for too long. We suggest shopping for nursing bras when you enter your third trimester. By then, your breasts will be around the size you can expect them to be when your baby comes, so you’ll be prepared ahead of time.

What size bra should I buy?

A good rule of thumb is to add one cup size and one band size to your regular bra. If you are usually a 34A, bump that up to a 36B.

Do I really need a maternity bra?

Yes! Your breast size will change during pregnancy and after having a baby—especially if you decide to breastfeed. You’ll want the right amount of support and comfort during the long months ahead.

Are maternity and nursing bras the same?

Nope! A maternity bra is worn while you are pregnant and is designed primarily for comfort over functionality. A nursing bra is intended for after you give birth, and is designed to offer easy access for breastfeeding with cups that slide over or release from the side straps. That being said, many women wear a nursing bra as both a maternity and nursing bra.

Which Belly Bandit bra is best for daily use during pregnancy?

Our favorite is the B.D.A. Bra—so named because it can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. The seamless, wireless design gives you support while maintaining comfort, and it can also double as a sleeping bra.

How many maternity bras do you need?

We suggest at least four: two nighttime bras, and two for during the day. That way, if one needs to go in the laundry (hello, leakage!), you’ll always have a back-up.

Where to Buy Maternity & Nursing Bras?

We know we’re biased, but our favorites are found here at Belly Bandit! With breathable, soft fabrics, great colors, and all the support you need, you won’t want to look anywhere else once you try a Belly Bandit bra.

About Intimates Bras

Benefits of Belly Bandit Maternity & Nursing Bras

When you’re shopping for a maternity or nursing bra, you’ll want to look for soft, breathable fabric; good support; and comfort. Belly Bandit Nursing and Maternity Bras are all made with a soft, stretchy fabric that moves with you as you grow. With no painful underwires, they help keep you comfortable even as your milk comes in.

Features of Belly Bandit Maternity & Nursing Bras

All of our bras feature a one-hand clasp release, making it safe and easy for your baby to start nursing right away. With underbust elastic, they ensure a good fit that is also comfortable. We’re also very fond of the soft, stretchy material (we call it “stretch and recover” fabric) that provides comfort, breathability, and all the room you need as you grow into motherhood.

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