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C-Section Postpartum Underwear & Shorts

C-Section Underwear & Shorts

Top FAQs

What materials are in Belly Bandit C Section Underwear & Shorts?

The best C-section underwear are made with premium fabrics that offer comfort, support, compression, and protection for your incision. All our C-Section underwear options are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric woven with silver-infused yarns to help fight odor and bacteria.

What are c section underwear?

The best C-section underwear is designed to protect your surgical incision and reduce swelling and discomfort after delivery. Look for pairs that offer firm compression to support your core muscles and stabilize your mid-section while you recover.

What is the difference between c section underwear and regular panties?

Regular panties aren’t designed to give you the support and stabilization your body needs after undergoing a C-section—it’s a major surgery, after all! Compression is key to recovery, as it can reduce swelling and help you feel secure and supported, which in turn can help you regain mobility and get back to your regular activities sooner.

What are c section shorts?

Our C-section Recovery Shorts are a pair of shorts you can wear in place of regular underwear as you recover from a C-section. They provide compression to help with healing after a C-section delivery, hugging you in all the right places with soft comfortable fabric from ribs to thighs.

What is the purpose of c section shorts?

A C-section is a major surgical operation and necessitates extra support and cleanliness over and around your stitches, as well as compression to help improve circulation and reduce swelling. After you give birth via C-section, your body has a lot of healing to do, and C-section shorts can help the journey significantly.

Do you really need c section shorts?

As C-section mamas ourselves, we know firsthand just how difficult it can be to recover after a C-section. Our C-section shorts can help you jump start your recovery by providing tummy support while your muscles heal and the swelling goes down.

Which Belly Bandit undies are best for c-section recovery?

You can’t go wrong with any of our options—C-section shorts, C-section briefs, or C-section recovery undies. The best C-section underwear for you will depend on how much coverage you want, the fit and style you’re most comfortable with, and how much compression you need. When in doubt, check out the reviews to see what other C-section mamas have to say!

Which Belly Bandit shorts are best for after c-section?

Our C-Section Recovery Shorts are a favorite among C-section mamas, thanks to a host of amazing features. They’re made with Stayput™ technology to reduce rolling, a "gotta-go" gusset opening for easy bathroom breaks, and thigh chafing protection—all the compression you need, plus plenty of comfort, too!

What should I wear to a hospital for C-section?

It’s not so much about what you wear to the hospital, but what you wear after a C-section. Depending on when you’re comfortable (and when your physician gives you the OK), you’ll want to wear C-section underwear or C-section shorts (or a Belly Wrap, or our Mother Tucker compression leggings) that provide compression to reduce swelling and support to stabilize your core muscles, helping to speed up your recovery process.

What size c-section underwear do I need?

We recommend using the size charts on our product pages to choose the right size of C-section underwear. When in doubt, you can always contact our customer service team for a personalized recommendation.

What are the best undies and shorts to wear after c section recovery?

We’re a little biased, but we think Belly Bandit makes the best C-section underwear, hands down! With three unique styles ranging from classic C-section panties to corset-style undies to full-coverage C-section shorts, you’re sure to find C-section underwear that works for you and your unique needs after you give birth.

About C-Section Underwear & Shorts

Benefits of Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Underwear & Shorts

Belly Bandit’s C-section underwear collection was created specifically for postpartum moms. Our C-section Recovery Shorts have a structured, compressive waistband that can help reduce swelling, as well as silver-infused yarn in the front panel to cut down on odor and bacteria. We also offer high-waisted, corset-style underwear that delivers core compression and support, as well as C-section panties with moderate compression and incision protection.

Features of Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Underwear & Shorts

Our C-section underwear options come in three styles: C-Section & Postpartum Recovery Undies and C-Section Recovery Shorts, both of which offer targeted compression and Stayput™ technology to keep them from rolling, as well as C-Section Recovery Briefs, which have a comfortable high waist and fabric that wicks moisture. All three are made with silver-infused yarns to reduce odor and bacteria. No postpartum mesh underwear here!

C Section Recovery Underwear & Shorts