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C-Section Leggings

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Top FAQs

What are C-section recovery leggings?

C-section leggings are high waisted, with enough compression to help smooth your belly after surgery. They provide support for your healing stomach and give you more coverage as you adjust to nursing.

How do C-section leggings work?

C-section leggings-—especially high waisted leggings—are designed with enough compression to give you 360 degrees of support after giving birth. With breathable knit fabric, they provide a good environment for your scar to heal, and increase blood flow through your legs with compression technology.

Is it OK to wear compression leggings after C-section?

Yes! You can even wear our postpartum C-section leggings home from the hospital if you want! Be sure and talk it over with your doctor, just in case you have any complications to be aware of.

Types of C-Section Recovery Leggings Available

Belly Bandit has four fantastic options for C-section recovery leggings: our classic high waisted Mother Tucker postpartum compression support leggings; a moto-inspired version, capri-length postpartum leggings; and an activewear capri option for workouts.

Does Belly Bandit sell high waisted C-section leggings?

Yes! They’re one of our highest-rated products. Just look for the Mother Tucker line of support leggings on our site.

Do I need C-section recovery leggings?

We always think you need support and comfort after a major surgery! Every mama deserves to feel cared for after giving birth, and C-section recovery leggings are one of the best ways you can care for your body as it heals.

How long should I wear compression leggings after C-section?

You can wear them as long as you want that extra support and compression. Many women prefer to use compression leggings for C-section recovery for around three months.

What are the best postpartum C-section leggings?

The best postpartum C-section leggings are ones that give you support, are breathable, and are comfortable to wear all day. No one wants to be changing out their leggings over and over, so find a pair that is comfortable, cute, and gives you the support you need. Our Mother Tucker line is a great place to start!

How to wear C-section recovery leggings?

You can wear these just like you do any pair of leggings—just keep in mind that the compression might make them feel a little tighter than you’re used to.

About C-Section Leggings

Benefits of Belly Bandit C-Section Leggings

The Mother Tucker Leggings from Belly Bandit were designed to help smooth and shape your tummy, tush, and thighs postpartum and provide all the support you crave after giving birth. The targeted compression zones help increase blood flow, which can energize your legs—something we all need with a newborn around! Wearing high-waisted leggings after a C-section also helps protect your incision, and provides coverage when you’re nursing. Trust us—you may never want to take them off.

Features of Belly Bandit C-Section Leggings

The Mother Tucker Leggings are the perfect C-section recovery leggings, as they’re designed for comfort and function. They’re high waisted, with seamless, breathable knit fabric that feels silky smooth from waist to ankles. With our signature Muffinology® technology, they help smooth that postpartum muffin top, while still being gentle enough to wear as postpartum C-section leggings.