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C-Section Leggings

Top FAQs

Can you wear leggings after a C-section?

Depending on how your incision heals, post C-section, you may love a comfortable pair of postpartum or maternity leggings (with or without a compression panel). Look for high waisted leggings or yoga pants that rise above your incision and provide coverage while nursing.

When can I start wearing leggings after C section?

Remember that a C-section is a major abdominal surgery that takes approximately 6-8 weeks (or so) to fully recover from, so take it easy! After your surgery, you may be wearing your leak proof underwear or just regular underwear (hello, mesh undies and massive pads!), or just any pair of pants or leggings.

Are compression leggings good for postpartum?

You can wear them as long as you want that extra support and compression. Many women prefer to use compression leggings for C-section recovery for around three months, but continue to see benefits, comfort, and support for their first year postpartum and beyond depending on abdominal recovery. You don’t want the leggings to be too tight. Tighter is not better and it doesn’t make you recover faster. Instead, you may increase your discomfort and actually do more damage than good. You’ll want the compression to feel like a snug hug around the abdomen. The path to healing is an individualized process, so add postpartum leggings to your routine slowly, starting with active hours when there’s increased movement and bending. For women recovering from a C-section, it’s important to take extra precautions and keep a close eye on the incision area. Look out for signs of infection: redness, swelling, drainage, or increasing tenderness.

What are the best compression leggings after a C-section?

After the aches and pain of pregnancy and birth, moms deserve a soft, stretchy, supportive material that feels great to wear while their bodies heal. The best postpartum leggings are designed with compression fabric to offer the support, stability, and shaping that many new moms need during her postpartum recovery, and not every pair of leggings is created equal. Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker® compression leggings use targeted compression zones to smooth and shape your tummy, tush, and thighs. Not only do they keep you looking smooth and supported all day long, they also aid in postpartum recovery. The gentle compression provided by Mother Tucker® leggings helps support weakened muscles around your midsection and promote healthy blood flow, which can help reduce swelling and encourage faster healing. And, they come in six styles to make sure you have the perfect fit, length, and look to make you feel like YOU faster.

Postpartum C Section Leggings

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