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Work-From-Home Tips for Breastfeeding Moms
Work-From-Home Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Work-From-Home Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Working from home has become increasingly popular amongst companies as we navigate new societal norms. There are many benefits to working from the comfort of your own home, especially for new moms. One of the main advantages for women working from home is the ability to be present with their family for life's big and small moments while still contributing financially to their family. The first step to working from home while having a newborn is knowing your rights as an employee and how your schedule can accommodate your baby's needs, such as breastfeeding and napping routines. 

Best work-from-home tips for breastfeeding moms

Establish a designated working space

Working from home allows for new experiences and distractions. Creating a specific place you call an office may help ease those distractions and help you maintain a more productive day. The space you designate for your office should be away from any house clutter or messes that may feel overwhelming or stressful to see in the background. It might be especially difficult with a newborn (laundry, right??), but do your best to create a calming corner to focus and use your time productively during work, so you may focus on your family when you have time off. 

Tips for creating a productive workplace: 

  • A quiet place 
  • An option to lock the door 
  • A cute door sign that signals to everyone that you are busy working and not to be disturbed 
  • Relaxing music or white noise in the background
  • A bassinet nearby in case baby needs to nap next to you

Set up a pumping schedule

It may be beneficial for you to reach out to your Human Resources department to identify your rights as a new mom in the workplace. In addition, be your own advocate and educate yourself on the rights you have as a breastfeeding mom and the state laws protecting your rights. For example, some believe you may not need pumping breaks when working from home. However, that is far from the truth. Even work-from-home moms need pumping or breastfeeding breaks throughout the day!  

Setting a pumping schedule throughout the day while working from home may be easier than you realize. The frequency of pumping breaks is unique to you and your baby's needs, so find a schedule that works best for your busy schedule. Some women feel comfortable pumping on conference calls or examining data for work. If the sound is something you are concerned about, consider purchasing a more quiet pump. In addition, it is helpful to place a blanket over your pump to mute the sound. Lastly, many companies make bras that are specifically designed for hands-free pumping. This may be something to consider if you prefer your hands accessible, so there is no delay in your work production due to pumping. 

Allow time for self-care

Having a new baby and working from home can be isolating at times. You may miss out on socializing with coworkers or leaving home during the day. Therefore, it is important to always find time for yourself and allow yourself to be a priority. Being a new mom is rewarding, but when you are not working, all your time and energy goes into this little life instead of you. So, set time aside to catch up with a friend for coffee or schedule a spa day. However you choose to engage in self-care, remember it is important for your mental health to make time for you. 

Set up a schedule that works for you 

Your work schedule should accommodate your specific circumstances as a work-from-home mom. Find out from your employer if you are required to work between certain hours of the day or if your work times can be flexible. For example, you may not need a 9 am to 5 pm work day. Perhaps your work is more flexible and allows you to work early mornings or late evenings when it is convenient for your family or when a caregiver is available. Working alongside your managers, employees, and workload may help you adapt to your new norm while caring for your baby at home. 

A desk calendar that is easily accessible may help you stay more productive and on top of your workload. Keep a well-detailed, organized list of your expectations, deadlines, meeting invites, and work-related goals to maximize your time, and remember everything when you are distracted by the baby. After all, most moms can relate to being forgetful and overwhelmed by the lack of sleep. 

Breastfeeding friendly wardrobe

There are many benefits to working from home as a new mom. For example, you can go to work in slippers and pajamas. Utilize this opportunity and invest in a breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe. Have zoom meetings? No problem! Many nursing-friendly clothing options are professional and functional. 

Nursing outfit must-haves 

Belly Bandit® Perfect Nursing Tee allows for discrete nursing without the hassle of removing your top. In addition, this t-shirt is designed with a hidden second layer for easy nursing access. The top comes in three colors, heather gray, black and white. All three are easy to style and go perfectly with any outfit.

The leak-resistant nursing tank offers powerful leak proof protection. In addition, the nursing tank is equipped with removable and reusable leak proof nursing pads. If you need to breastfeed while busy at work, clasps are on either side of the shoulder strap. The clasps are so easy to unclip that you can do it with one hand. This wire-free, breathable cotton fabric will keep you comfortable all day. 

How Belly Bandit® helps breastfeeding moms

We are a solution-based maternity and postpartum support company founded by a group of sisters who understood the struggles and challenges of pregnancy and birth. We take the guesswork out of prenatal and postnatal products by providing innovative products with the best fabrics that are both multi-wear and multi-functional. As a result, over ten years of production and testing, we produced doctor and insurance-approved maternity products. 

Becoming a new mom brings on new life adventures and challenges. However, when you add work to the mix, navigating a career and a new baby may become overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn't have to be in today's world. With more companies choosing remote work for their employees, you won't miss out on any of your baby's milestones. Breastfeeding your baby during work hours is easier than you may realize with proper support and preparation.